Why do guys become players?

Why do guys become players? i have wanted to know this question for long time and if any man could help me to understand what it all about.

What are guys looking for, love, sense of humor, looks or what is it really about?


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  • Women are hands down better players than men. At a very young age on playgrounds young boys are playing sports and enjoying outdoors and girls are talking to each other (about the world and developing better communication skills) and playing with dolls (understanding social relationships). Men trained to be the pursuers which is often more of a disadvantage.

    Why do men become players? The list could be endless. Sex, ego, wanting the best for oneself and not setting, curiosity of what's really out there, wanting to be attractive, women who like players, (often women want the man all the other girls are after), not wanting be powerless (doormat or "too nice") in the relationship, genuine self improvement, getting burned by female players, not wanting the weight of a relationship at that time, tired of a controlling woman, not good at relationships, etc.

    Almost all of these are the same reasons a woman might become a player.

    to me there is a difference between a "player" and a "liar". From what I have seen some women use jealousy and manipulation far more than men do, so I am curious if a man (or woman) is totally honest why fear the player?

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