If a guy can easily confide in you.....

does he like you?


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  • It means he finds you comfortable to around and easy to talk to but there may or may not be a romantic interest. Does he light up around you?


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  • Yes.

    But on what level? If your expectations are different, then, well, there could be mis-communication that could destroy chances for a future relationship.


  • yes

    Society dictates that men should not show their feelings.

    the fact that he can confide in you means you are a precious person to him.

    there are only 3 kinds of people a man would confide in

    A: the woman/man he loves

    B: his best friend, who has been his friend since they were kids

    C: Family/Parents

    if he confides in you, that means that he loves you and cares about you

  • I have a close female friend I find very easy to talk to but it's because there's nothing romantic so I don't mind if she sees me vulnerable or emotional or whatever.

  • short answer: not necessarily

  • more than likely this is the case

    If he can easily confide in you he basically trusts you,

    it does not necesarily mean that he likes you as more than just a friend.

    probably like you as a friend only.

    im just answering in general as possible based on your question and that's the usual case

    more info would help to determine if there's a chance he likes you or not

    • I have posted lots of things but basically he has tapped me on the shoulder pretended it wasn't him and walked off, hugged me so many times, comments lots on my Facebook things, we've known each other for two years, he knows I like him but just recently I've started being confident and I think it shows :) Um, he also told me that his ex came onto him in the club but he pushed her away, and he showed me something really personal and funny and said "You never saw this"

    • Judging from this extra information, I'm almost certain that he likes you.

  • could be but not for sure

  • I know I usually have a romantic interest if I start confiding in a girl. It builds closeness. But there's no way to tell what this particular guy is thinking when he's confiding in you, it could mean anything. I figure you should look for other signs because trusting you alone doesn't indicate attraction

  • If a guy asks you on a date, or tries to kiss you, or says "Be my girlfriend," those are the signs that he likes you...

  • He likes you yes but not necessarily as any more than a friend.


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  • Oh guys PLEASE answer! I want to know this, too!

  • I'd say 80% yes but there is always the exceptions. my guy friends confide in me but they don't see me more than a friend.

  • hm. People who confide in me tell me that it's easy to tell me stuff because, to them, I seem like a person who won't judge and keep secrets. ..

    He might like you , and is hinting at it by telling you things that he won't tell others to establish a closer relationship with you, but he could also be one of the friends that would say the same thing as I've mentioned in the first paragraph. :)

  • In my case, they don't like like me cause they usually have girlfriends. But they like me as a friend. lol. And they say I give good advice. :)

  • I don't think so...I think he sees you more as a friend than anything else if he is truly confiding in you. But it could also be a game to show you that he likes you...tough call

  • not necessarily, he could just see you as someone to vent too.. like you wouldn't blab about it to others or he could like you and want you to pick up on the fact that he is getting closer to you. either way if you like the guy go for it. If he can confide in you he trusts you.. so there is definite hope!

  • he definitely likes you but it could easily just be that he sees you as a trusted friend and nothing more. my bestfriend is male and we confide in each other about everything but there's no attractiion at all.

  • It is hard to read between the lines hun...I have gay male friends that find it easy to confide in me however that is purely just a friendship. I also have straight male friends that are coming out of a relationship/having a tough time with their relationship and just need somone to talk to, another human that will listen and not be judgemental..it doesn't always meann they are indirectly hitting on you.

    Use your gut instict...if he likes you watch and observe...bottom line if he never expresses an interest then you can't be a mind reader so let him do more of the work. In the mean time keep your options open. If I had crystal ball I would give you the answer lol.