Is he afraid to ask me out?

He is showing a lot of signs that he likes me. However, he is not a shy person at all. Is it still possible then that he is afraid to ask me out?


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  • It's very probably. Just be friendly and receptive with him. Talk to him, say hi to him, shoot him smiles. This will give him confidence about making a move. Give the opportunity to make a move by going up and talking to him about something (small talk, about classes, what sports he's into, etc.). Also, if you think he wants to ask you out, try to give him an opportunity to come up and talk to you w/o your girlfriends around. I know that I always avoid asking a girl out if her friends are around cause it's awkward. When he talks to you, smile, laugh at his jokes, be supportive, and above all, give him your full attention. My biggest turn-off is talking to a girl who is distracted or talking with her friends or looking around. Make eye-contact and react to what he says so he knows you're listening. If he stumbles when he talks, don't make a big deal about it or get impatient, just smile at him and maybe brush your hand across his hand. The main thing here is give him the opportunity to talk to you, be friendly, and give him confidence and encouragement.

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  • I don't consider myself that shy anymore, and yet when seeing a girl I'm attracted to I change. So it's perfectly natural and possible to assume he things you're the "bees knees." Why don't you flirt with him or ask him out for a change. Let him know you are interested, then his confidence may go up.

  • Confidence is one thing, overcoming fear/doubt/hesitation in asking out a girl you really like is something else.

    Or he might not even like you that way, that's for you to decide.

  • It's possible. When we meet a girl we really like, sometimes we can have our confidence stifled. If you really think he likes you, why don't you ask him out yourself?

    • For a year and half a guy could be afraid to ask a girl out ? or even approach her when he shows ALL signs of interest and never talked to the girl?

    • I think so!

  • No matter how confident a guy seems, there's always (well most of the time) that fear of rejection - especially if its a girl he's REALLY interested in.

    However, maybe he's just a super friendly and flirty person - it really depends what the signs are, and how he reacts around other women.

    If I were you, I would ask him out - or at least give him a sign like hug him or something - to see how he reacts first.

    Guys can be just as shy if not more shy than women. I know from experience ;)...

  • Yeah of course. I'm confident around everyone except the people I really like :)

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  • just ask him out..some guys like it when girls ask them out take a shot at it... good luck :)

  • yep. if I know a guy is shy, I'll approach him and flirt. sometimes you have to be more assertive to get what you want. good luck

  • yes a guy sometimes wants th girl to make the first move, even if they are not shy. so go 4 it. the worst he can do is turn you down. it is no big deal

  • Definitely a possibility.

  • Omg you better believe it! This has happened with all my friends and their boyfriends and is happening between me and my crush. He even told me he liked me and was to afraid to ask me out!


    • Gar I hope this works -_-. I will probably ask him out on my birthday.

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