Why the hell are emo guys so attractive?

Girls say things like they want a want a guy with at least a molecule of masculinity in his system, then they turn around and hook up with emo guys. WHY?!?! I mean yeah okay guy with feelings yeah that's all good. But whiny little bitches who can't stop dwelling on the fact that their life is worse than everyone else's? Wtf.

I was actually more referring to the whole style aspect of it than anything else. I realize emotionally in tune males are somewhat of an attraction, and I get that. I was just kinda wondering why girls think it's hot when guys dress like them I guess...


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  • Do you know this "emo"? It's not his heightened emotions or clothing that attract women, it's probably his personality behind all the "emo".

    Girls will like any sort of guy who is easy to talk to and can understand the girls thoughts and stresses, etc...

    The only things girls at our age will reject someone for is social differences and appearances. To reject someone based on these things is a bit rude. But for example, will a male lion pick a mate with a broken leg over a healthy mate? No, it's nature, just with social bullsh*t on the side for us.

    Also another example. You have an emo kid, he's all sad and depressed cause his mom is a drunk and his dads in jail, all that jazz. And this kid is hard to talk to for anyone, apart from his fellow dwellers.

    And you got another emo kid with same sort of stresses and BS in his life but he can be socialized with and can.. talk.

    My point is everyone is different and this guy got the girl because he's ...

    Fuck it, you got the idea right?

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      Heh aight good stuff, I get where you're coming from. Thanks for the overview man :).