Why the hell are emo guys so attractive?

Girls say things like they want a want a guy with at least a molecule of masculinity in his system, then they turn around and hook up with emo guys. WHY?!?! I mean yeah okay guy with feelings yeah that's all good. But whiny little bitches who can't stop dwelling on the fact that their life is worse than everyone else's? Wtf.

I was actually more referring to the whole style aspect of it than anything else. I realize emotionally in tune males are somewhat of an attraction, and I get that. I was just kinda wondering why girls think it's hot when guys dress like them I guess...


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  • Do you know this "emo"? It's not his heightened emotions or clothing that attract women, it's probably his personality behind all the "emo".

    Girls will like any sort of guy who is easy to talk to and can understand the girls thoughts and stresses, etc...

    The only things girls at our age will reject someone for is social differences and appearances. To reject someone based on these things is a bit rude. But for example, will a male lion pick a mate with a broken leg over a healthy mate? No, it's nature, just with social bullsh*t on the side for us.

    Also another example. You have an emo kid, he's all sad and depressed cause his mom is a drunk and his dads in jail, all that jazz. And this kid is hard to talk to for anyone, apart from his fellow dwellers.

    And you got another emo kid with same sort of stresses and BS in his life but he can be socialized with and can.. talk.

    My point is everyone is different and this guy got the girl because he's ...

    Fuck it, you got the idea right?

    • Heh aight good stuff, I get where you're coming from. Thanks for the overview man :).

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  • Ok, #1 how old are you? If you were the least bit mature, you would realize that 'emo' is an old stereotype that no one uses anymore, because 'emo' is an underground way of life that comes from punk, a type of music.

    #2. If you mean this guy wears tight pants, dresses in black and/or colorful clothes, has black hair and a fringe, etc etc etc, then it is kind of attractive to see a guy in what is stereotyped as 'girls clothes'. Skinny jeans are mostly stereotyped to girls because it shows off their curves, and their asses (pleasing to guys). Just the same that a girl in her boyfriends t-shirt and shorts/boxers is hot. Get the point?

    #3. Masculinity. What do we mean when we say that a guy needs masculinity? It means we want the guy to be dominant, strong feeling-wise, and somewhat sensitive. (Ever hear of only the strong men cry?) We want them to show feelings without being whiny. If you think 'emo' guys are whiny, maybe look in the mirror. You're complaining about guys that probably don't even concern you because the girl's are probably going to do whatever the hell they want anyways.

  • you got to be kidding me O.o

    I prefer a guy who just wears a t shirt and some jeans and he isn't trying too hard to follow everyone else. I love my boyfriend just because he has his own style. he doesn't do emo. he's all man and he doesn't just follow what others are doing. every guy has their own style. every guy looks good in different things so I find that emo style actually annoying at times. I dont' know, maybe it's just me, same thing with girls who show half their bodies out to the whole world when theoretically and reality is, no one cares. it's just style and "expression" or just them liking to waste their money on clothes and trends that will die away probably in one or two years anyways.

    I'm glad my boyfriend doesn't go for the emo look. I dont' hate or like it. Girls who are only after style, are kinda...shallow..

  • They're not.

  • I understand you completely! I have friends who just LOVE the emo/scene look and gross, it's definitely not for me. It seems like they're trying to hard almost and then they give off this superficial vibe, total turnoff...to me at least. And now that it's becoming "cool" to be emo/scene it's even worse. I definitely agree with you on that, I'd want to be with someone who can have fun and be happier, more optimistic per say.


    LOVE, LexxaLeigh

  • I just like emo guys hair nothing else attracts me to them

  • I honestly think it is just someone's preference. Like a guy preferring a sporty girl, a preppy girl, a nerdy girl, etc. It probably just seems like more girls want emo guys because there are less of them. So they are more desirable.. Did that make sense? I hate to say it but maybe it's just a trend.

  • They're not...

  • Emo is a subculture. There are divisions. It can be a fashion. It can be a mentality. It can be a type of music. It can be a combination of any of those. Unfortunately, the ignorant common person lumps them all together (even those who are called "emo" do it).

    I don't know if you are talking about guys who are "emotional" or guys who have black hair and are pale... Because of the ambiguity, I can't answer your question.

    I am not fond of emo music. I couldn't care less about emo fashion. If a guy is suffering emotionally, I'll empathize or sympathize, but I am not attracted to that. But I admit, when I see a good-looking guy with dark hair and pale skin, my inner 14-year-old girl resurfaces and my heart jumps.

  • Listen to Asking Alexandria or Bring Me The Horizon. That's what those 'whiny little bitches' listen to :) it's hot when a guy listens to screamo. I mean come on, it's an EPIC genre where guys can play guitar like no other, bang out crazy drum solos, and risk their voices by doing something they spent YEARS learning how to do, despite how much it hurts at first.

    It's sexy when a guy has a lip piercing that you can feel when you kiss him, or jet black hair that hangs mysteriously over his face that you can run your fingers through! If he can pull them off, his skinny jeans show off his legs and that's a turn on! Lol they always seem more approachable than your average jock, and when they play the guitar and sing, there's always a chance they'll dedicate a song to you. (because they are usually good with poetry and words, it's bound to be a GOOD song too!) I don't know what attracts me' to emo guys... But I am! Lol :)

    • And I have to agree with the girls who answered below me!

      1.) boys are boys

      2.) 'emo' came from music and is not really a style (subcultures too! Lol it's so confusing!)

      3.) emo guys CAN be masculine. I know one. One if his favorite things in the world are womens rights jokes :/ lol but if you have a good sense of humor like he tells me' I do, then he's really really funny!! So not all "emo" guys are dark and depressed, because 9 times out of 10 they'll be regular people like you and me! :)

  • The word "emo" is a very misused and misunderstood all the time I hate it

    Im not attracted to as you put it "whiny little bitches"

    Im attracted to guys who treat me right and can understand and love me for who I am

    and those guys seem to be the ones who wear skinny jeans, converse, guy liner, bands shirts and peircings. that doesn't mean their not masculin you don't have to have bulging muscles and facial hair to be a man.

    Everyone likes different types of people and you don't have to understand it you just have to accept the fact that people are different

  • I don't like full-on emo guys, they're kind of gay. >.< Sorry.

    I wear darker colors, more goth or punk-ish, not emo, but I've only ever dated guys who dress normally, because most emo guys are too wimpy, most punks are jerks, and most goths are either/or. :P

    Girls like them because they're sensitive and have a sense of style, I think.

  • i don't find them attractive eather

    • Why do I get two thumbs down =(

      .. its my opinion

  • i like them!

    But I can be stertoyped "emo" too.


  • I guess I can see where a guy would feel like that. I date emo guys because they're sweet and treat me better than other ones do. Plus they like the same music I do.

    So we just have a lot in common :)

  • I'm going to go out on a limb here, and assume you're still in high school since your profile says you're under eighteen... HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. Some girls are just attracted to that type of guy. And some guys aren't really "emo". "Emo" is a label. Labels are not good. Dating and hooking up in high school, and probably even for the first part of college is pointless, most of the time. Nobody really knows who they are 100%. Nobody knows what they want either. Don't waste your time worrying about little girls who don't know what they want. And don't waste your time worrying about guys who are gonna get kicked to the curb when they get older because they act like little girls. I can't speak for every single person out there, but most of the girls I went to high school with were with different guys all the time. I understand your frustration, but keep on doing your own thing, and when you get older you'll be getting girls because you're chill and you don't act like a whinny little girl.

    Some girls just like what they like though. Ya can't help it.

  • hmmm I'm into guys who dressin the eo and scene style

    idk it just turns me on

    the peircings and the hair


    but I mean I like sensative and caring guys

    its just that some emo and scene guys have the best of both worlds haha

  • I like emo guys. Because of how they treat me, they talk to me like they won't laugh at what I have to say, and most of all they know the best music lol. it's like talking with a normal, run-of-the-mill guy but removing the fact that you won't get laughed at or ridiculed. They're very understanding and sweet.

  • I don't find emo guys that attractive really. Sometimes they have nice hair and that about all I like about them. A message to all emo guys- Life isn't that bad.

  • Emos are ugly. The only girls that like emos are emo girls I'd think.

    • Would just like to prove you wrong with my existence.....not emo. But what I've often found is that it's frequently a musical connection.... like I'm a musician, and all my friends are...some are emo, some aren't, but lot's of us are into like metal and stuff...what I often find is the emo musical guys are rather sweet and intelligent, and can see fom your point of view, but ey can kick some ass when you work them up...

    • Wrong.

      im not emo and I love emo guys

  • ewwwwww I dislike emo guys!

  • I just like their hair and how they usually have nice eyes. I could deal without all the emotional bull crap. Their effort they put in to look good, clothes and hair. It is a sexy look/style. The personality of emo doesn't matter as much to me.

  • Uhh, 1, the way the dress and look is pretty hot.. The whole dark long hair, slim build, eyeliner eyes thing is pretty sexy. And 2, we just like the way they are. They're different from the average muscly douche. I like that they can be a bit softer, and usually have a better taste in music than that rap sh*t... But of course, as with any human that can vary with emos too.

  • thats dumb...girls don't date guys cause theyre "emo", and "emo guys" aren't little bitches its just their way of expressing their emotions, instead of crying and kicking somones ass and acting like a d*** to their parents and teacher...dude if you can't get a girl its not because you're masculin but because your personality probably sucks and theirs doesnt...remember its all in the personality

    (by the way, the way you judge people really reflects on your personality)

    • Yeah I realize that now, I was just p*ssed off when I wrote this -_-. Thanks

  • First- emo isn't a style

    second- it's the hair! And the fact that they are a lot nicer than other guys

    • Love how they go all out and straiten there hair and what not...working on my emo guy he is so hot:) and his hair is amazing

  • I've never liked 'emo' guys, and I hate the expression 'emo' altogether. As if there was no emotion in songs before these little dorks came along with their high nasally voices and weepy lyrics! (haha).

    I prefer well-rounded guys who are in decent shape, love at least some of the arts, and have an opinion about politics and other stuff.

    • . As if there was no emotion in songs before these little dorks came along with their high nasally voices and weepy lyrics! (haha). <---------------- Best answer, right here!

    • Thanks!

      Music is music, and boys are boys. :?

  • umm they aren't

  • I think they're just whiny, obnoxious, immature, geeky guys who dress in girls clothes and pretend theyre goths.

  • eww I hate emo guys. I agree, I would never date an emo. it's normal or nothing for me.

  • Not all "emo's" are like that. I have friends who dress like what people like to call "emo" and they are the happiest and funniest people I have ever met. Yeah if they have a big problem they tell me but that rarely ever happens because they are happy with their life. Don't judge a book by it's cover. I bet your a jock or something and if you are I bet people think you are stupid and rude even if your not. Just that one thought is judging even if I don't know you. So don't be rude cause I know you wouldn't like it if someone said that about you.

    • Lol! No, I'm not a jock. Not even close. But yeah, I get what you mean. I was pretty p*ssed when I wrote this, hence the rudeness.

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  • The girls you know like emo guys because you're in high school, and most people in high school are only interested in how much someone looks like people they see on MTV.

    Don't worry, it gets better after you graduate :)

  • is mr. allstarthlete getting jealous?

  • maybe the style in some cases, maybe otherss connect. but be sure that when you call others whiney bitches, and think you're cool, and listen to excessive rap (from my experience) and have an ego, (even if you don't realize it) most self-respecting girls wouldn't want to go out with you.

    + you need to relate well.

  • lol emo?, bro your young, woman are retarded at your ages, jus bone em and wait till college...and if you don't you will end up being screwed Gauranted!


  • Because they're feminine and the ladies can boss them around and tell them what to do?

  • How important is music in your life? Your not a jock are you

    Dont be a jock? what for. I was bland in school I wasn't smart enough to be a nerd. In 1990 I heard The Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine and it F#cking changed me... and besides MUSIC SAVES!

    You could find out what the girls you like like and copy it.

    getting a cool motorbike while still in high school helps

  • Can you help me with some make up tips...I want to black out my eyes and put a pink bow in my hair...Cause my life sucks, my goldfish died today. lol HAHA

  • I can answer your question with honesty and real life experience. I think that's the best way, right? I can tell you that, without sounding like I'm into myself or bragging that I am fit. I am 5'10 175 lbs and 12% body fat. I don't take steroids or any strong supplements, just vitamins, and a pre workout supplement. I've struggled with mild-mid facial acne since I was 14 and I am now 24. It is starting to get better but has always been my biggest appearance flaw. I don't think it is a valid reason to reject me, but what do I know, I'm not a girl. My confidence over the years has gotten much better, I use to not even approach girls or want to go to parties or social events. But with all that said, I don't get as much attention from girls that I believe I should get. Oh well, life goes on. I don't dwell on it, I did for a few years and it got me nowhere but depressed. But I dress kinda preppy-ish with a touch of hip hop and rap, well more like a 50/50. I wear the correct size in shirts, which is a mens medium for polo and button downs which account for about 85% of what I normally wear outside of my pj's which are like basketball warm up pants with a tee shirt, usually of my favorite sports teams. I also wear the same kinda pants to the gym in the winter (shorts in the spring and summer). I like wearing lugz or like casual not quite vans but sneaker type shoes. I sometimes wear a watch and I do have glasses. I consider it hip-hop, because it's kinda a few different genres. But you won't catch me dead in skinny jeans, I only listen to rap and hip hop so you def aren't gonna catch me wearing a band shirt. I don't wear chucks either I think they are stupid. I agree with your summary of an emo kid who also has a 99% chance of having fantasized about performing sexually with a member of the same sex. I am an emotional guy but only to things I TRUELY care about. I LOVE foreplay in bed and have had a lot of girls tell me I was the best partner they ever had. But is p*sses me off to no end (I work in a big mall so I see it all the time) when I see a really cute girl that has like no body fat and actually has figure (if that makes sense to combine the two) with a skinny, small penis (because I can't wear skinny jeans cause my nads don't fit just like Jay Z said) having little emo bitch. I'm like "I should be with her not him" But I can tell you that if I am a guy and a hot girl wants me I'm not turning her down. So without sounding sexist not that I care what internet people think of me as a person, it is the girl to blame. She probably has no self esteem and picks that dude because it is almost like having a girl, just the guy has a penis, albeit a small one. Because I wear jockeys, ya know, the tight ass undies. The banana hammock, whatever you wanna call it. AKA the best protector of the buldge. Not that I'm huge, I won't lie and say I am huge. But even wearing those with some of these pants I see on guys You'd still see my package like I had nothing on.

  • See, when you get to that subject, women are looking for a guy like them, who's a woman. And for some ungodly reason, chicks find dudes with make-up extremely sexy...i don't know why, and I don't care to know, but its wrong.

    • Its cause half of them have really hot bodies, and then its like some bad-boy topping that they stick on...hehe

    • @ anonymous56: Emos, bad boys? Lol! That's a good one.

  • i always thought it was because when she would get mad she could cut him without feeling bad (I think this is the best anwser ^^)

  • because your stupid. once you hit a certain level of intelligence, emo guys become repulsive, as they should be