What does it mean when a guy says "that's my girl"?

The question says it all. What does it mean?

When a girl you know asks a guy if he's going out with someone he says no that's my girl.

What does it mean?


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  • When I say it it means I am proud of her and what she did at the moment and I am proud that she is mine makes sense?


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  • I would think that depends entirely on the context and your relationship with the guy in question. Explain more about the situation and we might be able to help you out better.

    • Going by your update, if he says "no, that's my girl" when you ask if he's going out with someone, I would assume he means that he only sees her as a friend. I have guy friends who refer to myself and others as 'their girls' in the same way they might refer to their close male friends as 'my boys'. If that makes sense. In their case it means that they won't tolerate people messing with us because we're girls and they care for and respect us as friends.

    • I was not the one asking him and he was the one smiling at me when he was asked this question.

  • It means that, that is his girlfriend, the girl he is with, You are his!

  • It could have a variety of meanings. One is that you did something very typical of you.