Do guys like girls that smell fruity?

like scented lotions & shampoo/conditioner & perfume?

i tend to go for berry scents or stuff like vanilla so sometimes I smell sweet. I also like banana scents and most fruit except citrus-y stuff. is that a turn on, turn off, or makes no difference?


Most Helpful Guy

  • My nose is pretty sensitive to aroma, I know its a girly trait of mine but I don't care. Natural soothing smells like a subtle vanilla or jasmine are great for your perfume. I have a stock of scented vanilla candles for my bedroom and my apartment in general.

    Bright fruity smells, seem a bit childish and some are far too strong and will literally gag me. Girls, I love it when your hair is scented, a fresh scent there is great. As far as lotions go, if its a subtle scent that's fine, or completely neutral that's good but having another scent mixing in with the others tends to turn my nose inside out and give me a headache. I know you're most likely doing it for our benefit but please keep it simple.