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What does 'bee' mean ?

My boyfriend called me 'bee', does anyone have any idea what it means? He uses a lot of slang.

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  • usually it means like the same thing as bro. can also be a petname like "hun"...



    • Urban dictionary is definitely a saviour.. shoulda thought of that first, haha. thank you!

What Guys Said 3

  • A contraction of honeybee perhaps.

  • I call this girl I'm into that. Not bEE but "b". I call her that because its the first letter of beautiful. Its also because I wanted a nickname for her just to be all cute lol. So I thought of b...

    • Aww! That's really cute, lol.

    • Hmm cute. thanks!

What Girls Said 2

  • maybe like "babe"? or if he said it when he was mad, like "stop being such a b" then I'd guess "bitch". but it's probably just a term of endearment, like honey, sweetie, baby, etc.

    • He said it when he was saying goodnight to me, and not in a mad way, haha. thank you! :)

  • maybe short for bumblebee..or honeybee?

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