Guy wearing pantyhose?

Once in a while, I will get dressed to the nines for a formal occasions-heels, dress, pantyhose, etc. The other night, hubby and I went to a wedding reception and he kept complimenting me on how good I looked, especially my legs. When we got home after, he kept up the compliments and then told me that he was curious to try the pantyhose and silky VS panties I was wearing for some bedroom kink. I was kind of surprised and asked him why and he told me he wants to experience the feel of what its like. He told me that it wouldn't be an everyday thing and that he had no desire to wear them all the time or anything like that. I'm kind of deciding on it. Anybody out there ever encounter anything similar? What do you think I should do?


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  • Have an open mind and let him wear them,its just clothing and you may like it, it may even spice up your sex life"I wear pantyhose every day under my shorts or under pants,I even wear panties as well sometimes,I"ve dated many women who were totally ok with it,I promise I"m all you know they make pantyhose and tights for men?, many bike riders and runners wear them as well.


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  • let him try's really a fun thing for guys!

  • Do it. Its pretty fun. My wife and I do it in the bedroom every now and then. Its even better if you both wear pantyhose. Orgasms are huge for the both of us. Good Luck.

  • they make panty hose and tights and stockings for men now and they have color ones to and a lot of sports players where them and everyday guys wear them under there pants to keep them warm

  • men wearing pantyhose or tights sure why not i wear 24/7 warmth , support , the look the feel its just clothing to wear i just dont understand this fetish thing men have to me being a straight male i wear cause i like to


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  • Not truly sure. This I think would be a gut instinct decision on knowing your guy. However, if

    this is just now and then, for kinks in the bedroom, just an antic, then well why don't you put

    his undershorts on, a tie, hat, etc., while he is hosing it. If it turns out to seem uncomfortable

    tell him, if he says he didn't think so , nor understand, I would think that there was a problem.

    Good Luck!

  • Go for it! Trust me and I have experience with this. My ex-boyfriend was a cross dresser and he was hot looking while wearing womens items. In fact our sex life was off the charts and he was more into making sure I had a orgasm and I felt I was more of a priority to him. I made sure he shaved his legs and couldn't take my hands off his pantyhose covered legs. And it was great since we both went shopping together for sexy things and he never nagged me about it. I returned the favor many times with a surprise bj while dressed up.

  • You go, girl. Encourage him in this activity. Tell him how good he looks and ask him how he feels wearing such silky things? I think personally it can only help strengthen any relationship if each others feeling are brought out in the open. I feel that if he's dressing up on the side because your not pleased with him wearing your clothes, either go with him and pick out his own things to wear or his sneaking around in your panties and pantyhose will only cause problems in the relationship later on if found out. Then you must decide what to do. So, Ladies for Gods sake it's only clothes, it could be fun, it's between you and him and it could most definitely could enhance your sex life together. Loving girlfriends!