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When a guy stares into your eyes?

What does it mean when a guy stares into your eyes when you're laying your head on his lap? I've had this happen before with a guy I really like,... Show More

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  • Sometimes it doesn't always mean something, your man just might like to stare into your eyes and just look at you. It also shows affection, and/or he wants to kiss you. But if he's looking at your eyes then at your mouth he definitely wants a kiss. But really it means he's interested, and paying attention to you, and only you.

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  • I think the other posts on here pretty much sum it up. The guy is looking deep into your eyes and probably is thinking to himself just how lucky he is. And how much he wants to always remember the feeling that he is having at the exact moment. Nothing bad here, it's all good.

  • Isn't that just romantic? your guy is showing you his affection, he is looking at you in the eye trying to convey that special love for you. Don't over analyze it, you're having a moment together, a special one too. The question really should be, does he really mean it or is he just acting to get me into bed? :)

  • r you really 17, cause that just don't seem right to me

  • Man girls these days must have head trauma or something.WE LIKE YOU, YOUR PRETTY, WE LIKE TO LOOK AT PRETTY THINGS, WE GET TOGETHER WITH YOU TO BE ABLE TO LOOK AT YOU FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER. and that's the circle of life.

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  • He likes you and probably wants to kiss you.

  • Well this is a good moment happening to you. When a guy looks into your eyes it means that he cares and all he wants to do is be there for you and only one. They rather look into you eyes and save the memory in there memory then just slobor all over you. That moment is ment to be remembered. This is the greatesss. And you should be proud that he has done that because that means he cares for you strongly.

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