Girls putting makeup on guys?

girls only, please answer. I have always wanted to see how it is to wear makeup and be a girl. how do I ask a girl to put makeup on me and get her to say yes. also, what is a "girly makeover" like what colors what types of clothes and accessories etc.

also separate question.

if a guy came up to you in the mall and asked you if you would put makeup on him what would you say and do.

PS please add me if you would be OK with talking to me about this and giving more advice.


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  • hmmmm yuu can totally just got the mall to the make up people
    and ask them to do it for you
    but you don't have any girlfriends who'd be willing to do it for you
    and as far as asking just ask
    plainly say hey! I know this might be random but could you do my makeup?
    if you walked up to me and asked me
    i'd probably smile and say really? :DD
    which will be followed by OK ^-^
    but then again there will be some people who will look at you weird
    i'd try to ask younger woman to do it for me
    they'd usually be more openminded
    hope I could help :PP


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  • just watch a youtube tutorial or something and buy some make up and put it on. it s like painting. I do it every morning lol.

  • I'm just wondering, why are you curious? I mean, some guys may wonder what girls go through to look the way they do...but you really would have to ask a girl that you're close to. personally, I think I am kind of girly, so skirts, bright/flattering colors like torquoise or white, bling-y stuff is also a for sure. and honestly, it would depend on who the guy was. if he looked creepy then...sorry no. I know that seems judgmental but lets remember, girls have to be careful. but if he genuinely wanted me to help then sure. I love doing other people's make-up and dolling them up

  • Sorry to seem judgmental but I think a man should be a man. Not sure too many women would be comfortable being asked this you would have to be very selective who you ask. Possisbly someone you know well and trust

  • Lmao I wish you lived by me...i've always wanted to put make up on my brothers to see what it would look like but they never let me

  • Ask one of your female friends :( guys won't let me put make up on them nail polish is fun and if you wear black you cud get away with it

  • if I were you, I would hang with one of my girlfriends at her place, and then start talking about makeup, anything ... like how does it feel when you put on mascara? why would you wear makeup? get the convo going that way . and then ask her to teach you how it is done for future when you want to give a surprise makeover to your girlfriend.

    If a random guy in the mall came up to me asked me to put makeup on him I would totally think he is hitting on me. and I would consider it as a turnoff and tell him to f* off.

  • I would say yes, I love doing people's make up on people and I'm damn amazing at it. Putting make up on guys is fun because I have to make it as natural as possible but also highlighting their features.

  • Women LOVE transforming guys into girls! I used to do that to my brother when he was younger . Just ask any girl close to you ;) high-heels & a nice little evening dress should be the final touch. Buy a wig also..

  • i think its cool. I wouldn't mind or be freaked out but it depends on the girl. I mean as long as it doesn't come accross as gay to your girlfriend then your good. just ask. and it doesn't feel any different. it just makes you look different

  • girls colors are bright and sparkles...choose best answer..

  • Tons of guys wear eye liner. it's not weird or "gay " to do it. I owuld be fine with it if a good guy friend of mine asked but a stranger...i don't know about that.

    truthfully, make is just a big hassle

  • dont take this the wrong way but I think you might be gay. If you're curious about the other gender in those ways then may be you're not exactly straight.

    There are a lot of male makeup artists in the makeup industry. You can walk in a MAC store and a male artist can put makeup on you. But most of those male makeup artists are either gay or bi. I personally think theyre cool.

    You can also check out some youtube beauty channels, some gurus are famous and amazing, there's lots of makeup videos on youtube. Petrilude is a male artist and he is extremely talented, and gregorygorgeous is gay but he does his makeup so girly he looks prettier than girls do lol. There are also many other female artists as well.

    • Just because he's POSSIBLY "bicurious" Doesn't automatically mean he's gay. How can you think someone won't take that the wrong way? Their are a ton of straight male makeup artists too, if you have a talent you embrace it. Whatever your sex, or orientation may be.

    • Yea that's what I meant, bicurious...sorry I couldn't think of the right word at the time, I did write though that "If you're curious about the other gender in those ways then may be you're not exactly straight. "

      and I said MOST artists are gay, not all, they can be straight too. I was supporting the idea not against it, I think male makeup artists gay or straight are hot, and its mad cool! you're reading into my answer, so relaxxxx!

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  • Umm is this your coming out party lol

  • Wearing makeup and being a girl are very different things, y'know. If you wanna actually know how to what its like to be a girl then you gotta devote about two or three months to it, and engage in ritual transvestism to the point of transgenderism, and if you wanna go all out, stab yourself in the balls once a month. Wearing makeup is just like, to make yourself feel sexy, really. LOL. I wear makeup, but I'm a boy, you know what I mean?

  • I ain't touching this with a 50 foot pole...