Girls putting makeup on guys?

girls only, please answer. I have always wanted to see how it is to wear makeup and be a girl. how do I ask a girl to put makeup on me and get her to say yes. also, what is a "girly makeover" like what colors what types of clothes and accessories etc.

also separate question.

if a guy came up to you in the mall and asked you if you would put makeup on him what would you say and do.

PS please add me if you would be OK with talking to me about this and giving more advice.


Most Helpful Girl

  • hmmmm yuu can totally just got the mall to the make up people
    and ask them to do it for you
    but you don't have any girlfriends who'd be willing to do it for you
    and as far as asking just ask
    plainly say hey! I know this might be random but could you do my makeup?
    if you walked up to me and asked me
    i'd probably smile and say really? :DD
    which will be followed by OK ^-^
    but then again there will be some people who will look at you weird
    i'd try to ask younger woman to do it for me
    they'd usually be more openminded
    hope I could help :PP