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Guy wants me to come to his house?

I'll try to make this short- I have hung out ONCE one-on-one with the guy I like. He said he had a really good time. I don't think it was a date but... Show More

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  • This is ridiculous!

    """He said "Well let me know when you wanna come over check them out"."""

    Swedishchica05, HE JUST ASKED YOU TO HIS HOUSE! What are you even talking about when you say things like "I wish he would ASK ME TO HANG OUT", that's exactly what he just did!

    Furthermore, it seems your problem is a low self-esteem. How could you think he'd ask you to his house but then, "he thinks I won't bother going to the burbs and he doesn't wanna see me?" You're being absolutely paranoid. You need to listen to yourself and realize you're incredibly nervous and can't believe any guy might actually like you.

    Smack yourself so you wake up! This guy is most likely interested in you, and yeah, he asked you to his house, which means he's waiting. So hurry up and ask if you can come over.

    • Lol, nice, THANK YOU, I needed that! Unfortunately I"ll have to wait till next week, because I'm going away for the weekend. LOL any suggestions on the text message I send him to ask when I should come over ? ;-)

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    • OK, I just texted "Cool. I'm in Champaign right now. What about next Saturday?" and he texted back "Haa haa, that's cute. Making plans a wholesale week ahead of time. Smart girl!" do you think this is good?

    • He seemed happy about it. I see nothing wrong with it. Just wait until Saturday and try to have a great time, right?

What Guys Said 2

  • More than likely, he likes you and he wants to show you the environment he lives in. It may be that he wants you to experience the difference, with him, that being in a more rural setting might provide, and see how you react/respond to it. If he owns the house, he may want to know if you are up to living in that environment, before he gets to know you better, since that environment is typically more laid back and enjoyable, once you get used to the quiet. I would suggest that you talk to him, instead of texting him, when you get back, and have a real, voice to voice conversation, and let him know whenever he wants to show you his photos, your ready.

What Girls Said 3

  • You're reading into it way too much.

    Guys do not tell girls they are not interested in to come to their house. Guys do not LET girls they are not interested in, to come to their house. Granted I doubt you'll look at the pictures as there are much bigger things on his mind such as fooling around with you, but hey if you're down for that, have at it.

  • thats a good question.watch out because guys like that usually just using you and stop talking to you and go back to their ex.thats happened to me all the time and usually they just don't want to hang out anymore

  • He DEFINATELY wants to see you. he offered twice, he basically invited you to his house and he told you he wanted to chill when you got home. Id say when you get back home again, send him a text and just be like. hey when do you wanna chill. then he'll have to reply and set a time and place. if he asks anymore questions just tell him your up for whatever. that way he'll also have the ability to hangout with you in whatever he feels comfortable with no mixed signals. hopefully it will be a date =] =]

    and could you help me out and answer my question? its in Relationships and is titled "I want another chance, but is it too far gone?"

    thanks so mucha dn I hope my answer helped a little =]

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