Does hand size matter?

Recently I've noticed, Does it matter to guys if a girls hand is bigger than his? This is mostly directed to guys, but girls if you have any experience with this pitch in!

Yeah maybe I'm just overthinking things, I've noticed recently when my classmates had to compare hand size to see who does this assignment first I had to compare with a guy and my hands were bigger than his, I'm tall but this kinda bugged me for awhile
The guy was shorter I'm not a freak! I hope <_<


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well since my hands are about the same size as the hands of most girls, I don't really have a choice haha

    I think hand size is the last thing on most guys' minds though.

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What Guys Said 6

  • i'm pretty tall 6'4" so I got pretty good size hands (i'm proportional, long arms, legs, wear a size 13 in shoes) but I think I would bother me just a bit but just because of how big I am. When a girl gets around my size it doesn't seem that she is as feminine, but then again I do love short girls though

  • What about foot size?

  • its not a deal braker but I would turned off by her hands being bigger. although I am only 5'8 my hand are rarely bested in size (even around 6'0 guys), so those would be some big hands and if I noticed I would definitely be very turned off but I would get over it if I really like you.

  • yeah, its hotter when i have bigger hand than hers :) ;)

  • If her hands were wider than mine, then that may turn me off a bit, but by no means is a deal breaker, and if her hands are longer than mine (usually means has longer fingers) then it doesn't bother me at all.


What Girls Said 2

  • I have really big hands! I'm a tall girl so it's proportionate to my body. I've brought this to some of my friends' attention but they don't even notice until I compare with them. I usually go for guys around my height or taller so I haven't really had guys with smaller hands than me! haha

  • interesting question, I've never noticed this before. Honestly, I can't even tell if my hands are bigger or smaller than my ex's. Of course we held hands and stuff, but it's never been something I thought about.