What does it mean when a guy says he's scared of me because I'm too sexy?

He is afraid to date me because he says, "You scare me. I don't know exactly why, but I think it's because you are too sexy." Makes no sense to me and I think it is crazy. He swears it's true. I think it's crap...plus I don't see how I am sexy, let alone "too sexy"! Any thoughts?


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  • youre obviously good looking, he feels as if you are way above his standards, he's afraid of getting hurt...by him lettnig down his guard to you, being very attractive and him being insecure about himself he feels that he'll give you his all but then you'll run away with some good looking guy...i mean sure that's the risk you have to take with any relationship buit you need to assure him that he is what you want...if you do...he needs reassurance from you, as a girl he sees as very attractive and complete...without that he's going to feel very insecure and unsure about how you really feel about hiim, which will lead to the end of any type of relationship - keep him secure and remind him that you care about him and why...show him through your actions you care, if he can't grasp teh idea that you like him then its just a waste of time, he eventually needs ot understand that you are with him and only him...

    but to answer your question he's guarding himself and his feelings right now becuase he's unsure how you feel about him...


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  • You aren't going to understand because you don't see yourself as anything extraordinary, but he does..he's intimidated by your looks. A lot of guys feel that an attractive girl either has high standards or have a lot of other guys chasing them, so they think it's a long shot. Just reassure him that you are human and there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes guys need that snap into reality moment that you are actually talking to them.

  • well maybe he's scared u'll be dominant and feels bad cause he thinks your out of his league

  • It means this link


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  • i would have to say never chase after a guy who says you're "too anything". When a guy is intimidated by a woman, the relationship never turns out well.