Why are boys players?

Okay so there is this guy that goes to my school that I am feeling, but he is a little player and talks to a lot of females. We have talked about things like sports and interests but I want to know how I can make a difference for him to change his player ways or at least find out if he is even capable of changing his player ways. What kinds of things make girls stand out to be different and not come off as sluts. What kinds of things make guys have an impression on a girl and gets them thinking about a girl and wanting to hang out?


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  • First let's clear up the definition of a player:

    player (n): a guy who says and does anything just to sleep with as many girls as he can.

    Obviously this definition is self explanatory as to why guys do this. Some guys are just carnal and that's all they want. Girls do this too, it's natural that we wish to mate, just uncivilized.

    Your definiton:

    player (n): a guy who talks to different girls while not in a relationship

    This is not the correct definition of a player, in fact this type of guy should be called opportunistic.

    He is just getting options. Why only talk to one girl? There's no rush to perfection. In fact you'll find that most of these guys don't stay single very long and are happy to be in a good relationship.

    Anyways you'll just have to prove to him that you're the best girl to be chosen. To make an impression, stand out, you'll just have be yourself completely. Guys like when a girl is not afraid to be herself. To get him thinking about hanging out you'll just have suggest it to him subtly. Sometimes a guy will never think about something unless it's right in front of him. Show him you're interested in him. If he doesn't show interest, then that doesn't mean you did anything wrong. Sometimes people just don't like each other.

    Good luck :)

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      I don't totally agree with this..

      Alarm bells started ringing in my head when I read the authors question. NO ONE should have to prove they are worthy to anyone. He sounds like he enjoys the interest he is getting so why keep to one girl when has so many to choose from, I think he will just break the authors heart because he has no desire to settle on one girl. We are all opportunists, we all try to get the girls we want. I would suggest the author finds an alternative fancy.

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      I have to agree with the answer, and disagree with the comment. The first girl that you meet ISN'T and CAN'T BE the best girl in the house. I prefer meeting and hanging out with more than a couple of girls and then seleting from one of them. After all, I can't know which girl is "my type" without spending a little bit of time with them. An example to this can be "first dates". The goal of a "first date" is to decide whether you want to spend more time with the person or not, isn't it?