My boyfriend sleeps on the couch

My boyfriend sleeps on the couch every night and has for the past 3 months. We are not fighting though. He just started falling asleep on the couch and now he makes no effort to make it to bed.

At one point, he claimed that he wants to watch TV. So I bought him a TV for the bedroom. Then he said that he doesn't like the color of the walls, that the bedroom felt like a hospital (walls are a light aqua color). So I spent $3,000 dollars on new carpet, paint and a new closet and re-modeled the basement to turn it into a cozy bedroom with a sitting / TV area, walk-in closet and full bathroom.

He still sleeps on the couch.

Why? And is it a sign of something seriously wrong? Should I throw a fit to guilt trip him into sleeping in the bedroom?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think you should just chill out and stop trying to control him. If he wants to sleep on the couch, let him. What's the big deal, aside from the fact you want to control him and not let him sleep there? I have my own apartment. I live alone. I have slept on the couch for more than a year. It's way more comfortable than my bed, and the room (family room) seems way less constrictive than the bedroom which feels clostraphobic to me. Here's an idea, why not fall asleep on the couch with him? What ever you do, don't make a bigger deal than necessary, and stop trying to control and manipulate the man. I fire manipulative and controlling women immediately. I do not tolerate their crap what so ever! I have my own mind and don't need a woman to think for me. I will not be controlled or manipulated, and to tell you the truth, if you were my girlfriend, I would have just fired you by now. And in case you don't think your controlling or manipulative, what's this business about guilt tripping him by throwing a fit? That my dear is controlling and manipulative behavior, for which you should be dumped immediately! All manipulative and controlling people and especially women can burn in hell! I hope this guy gets his testicles out of the neighbors tree and dumps you. Just because you women look pretty and have a vagina does not give you the right to attempt to manipulate and control us men. Stop it!