Boyfriend sleeps over at baby mommas?

So my boyfriend has two baby mamas. He is a truck driver so he is gone most of the week I go on his routes with him, then I drop him off at his baby moms. I have never felt comfortable with the situation knowing that he sleeping over at her house but they both tell me it’s just for the kids. I do trust them but I don’t if that makes sense. He tells me he sleeps on the couch plays with the kids and falls asleep on the couch he also drinks too and passes on the couch. I explain to him and her I am both on comfortable with the situation I don’t want to feel like anything is going on but she’s a ex. How should I feel about this should I be petty still be be questioning him all the time and her about sharing the same bed if they do?
Boyfriend sleeps over at baby mommas?
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