Drunk text msg: let's have sex!

this guy that I have been flirting with texted me telling me he is drunk and "lets have sex". saying that I want to have sex with him too. I was kinda disturbed by it so I texted back: go have sex with your girlfriend and he never texted back. later text/called him but he never replied.

he asked me out several times but I rejected him. he's called me bfr when he is drunk and text me as well. once telling me he misses me, the other asking if he could kiss me (all via text when drunk)

what does this mean? does he like me? or not? or just playing me?

PS I don't know if he has a girlfriend or not but he keeps sending me mixed msgs (eg. we would be chatting online and suddenly he disappears and never comes back w/out saying bye) and we like to play mind games which each other a lot! (which I'm really tired of)

btw he is a Gemini guy and I'm a Scorpio.


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  • - You could always just try asking *him* these questions (while he's sober of course).

    - Drunk text messages are pretty meaningless.

    - He obviously "likes" you because he's asked you out several times.

    - If you've already rejected his sober advances, then what does it really matter? You've already decided that you don't want to get involved.

    - If you do want to get involved (you say your flirting with him), then accept his offer for a date (assuming he's single). Or do something nearly every guy would welcome and make the first move.

    - He lacks chat etiquette?

    - If you're tired of "mind games" then be direct: a) "I want to go out...", b) "I don't want to go out..."

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      i liked him and I still like him. I guess there was just too much mind games involved which is why I never said yes and nothing ever really happened.

      there is nothing I can really do now (please refer to above comment) since he is not talking to me anymore. as for chat etiquette. he is unpredictable. we use to talk online everyday. now, not so anymore and since the text incident, we don't talk at all. and even when we use to talk, he would suddenly disappear w/out saying bye. what should I do?

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      Send him an email, leave a message (voice) on his phone, and leave it at that. If he wants to talk to you, he will; if he doesn't, you may just have to move on. I wouldn't read too much into the sudden log-offs. I know more than a few people who simply don't say hi or bye when chat's open, they just don't see it as necessary.