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Why does she treat me differently than her other guy friends?

She seemed quite interested in me, she even approached me eventually I asked her out. She told me she wanted to stay friends for now, but we could... Show More

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  • if she's acting different she may be a little, I don't know the word, not freaked out but maybe a little uncomfortable knowing that she's been asked out by you. and some women assume if you asked her out, you'll always like her, so she's gonna act different.

    • but like I said she acted kind of weired with me before I asked her out. her best guy friend (he has a girlefriend) is quite obvious that he likes her but she is not "freaked" out by him at all

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    • she made me nervous that showed through, I would tease her touch her when I could, eye contact, if I seen her used to have a HUGE smile on my face, yeah I was not obvious about it but some of her friends & my own made comments that made it sound like they knew I liked her. I am sure she was flirting too

    • I think what I did wrong was wait too long because when I asked her I noticed her flirting less than she had before that point.

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  • I think she is trying to figure out her feeling for you that could be the reason for the mood shifts.

    • I don't know what to do about it because it quite un fair to me. for the most part my gut says she likes me but my head says she stringing me along. I have no idea what to do about it either

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  • sounds like she doesn't want to date you but have you stick around, girls like guys orbiting them like little puppies. distance yourself, make her miss you if you want her, for some reason this works with girls.

    • easier said then done she is in 2 of my classes and always sits with me even by some strange occurance we sit apart she will come talk to me and wonder if I am mad at her

    • then don't sit with her. make her think your upset with her because you are. you can't just let her string you along. make her want you. make it seem as though you are not into her anymore, girls want what they can't have.

    • i don't know if I can avoid sitting with her in class because of lotta crap but I can stop hanging out with her after class. she has gotten upset when she can't have me and it was funny, I was hanging out with other girls and she tried to get me to leave them and go with her, I told her no she went to sit nearby and I would notice her staring at me from time to time

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