Why does she treat me differently than her other guy friends?

She seemed quite interested in me, she even approached me eventually I asked her out. She told me she wanted to stay friends for now, but we could still go out but as friends. She always treats me differently than her other guy friends even before I asked her out. It seemed she felt awkward for lack of a better word around me. Before I asked her out she seemed to flirt but still seems to now but not as much or it is in a less direct way. It feels like she won't open up to me and will tell me things like a week later than the other guys. Before you say she is trying to push me away she was like this when we first met as well. She also introduced me to her friends who all like me, don't think you would do that if you wanted to distance yourself. After I asked her out there was a long time we dint see one another at all (because of Christmas break and exams), she had a chance there to distance herself. However when we got back she re initiated contact with me. Just being friends is killing me and she confuses the sh*t out of me as her behavior moves from hot to cold and back.

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  • if she's acting different she may be a little, I don't know the word, not freaked out but maybe a little uncomfortable knowing that she's been asked out by you. and some women assume if you asked her out, you'll always like her, so she's gonna act different.

    • but like I said she acted kind of weired with me before I asked her out. her best guy friend (he has a girlefriend) is quite obvious that he likes her but she is not "freaked" out by him at all

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    • she made me nervous that showed through, I would tease her touch her when I could, eye contact, if I seen her used to have a HUGE smile on my face, yeah I was not obvious about it but some of her friends & my own made comments that made it sound like they knew I liked her. I am sure she was flirting too

    • I think what I did wrong was wait too long because when I asked her I noticed her flirting less than she had before that point.