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He acts interested but is slowly texting me less?

GOING CRAZY ANALYZING THIS! I've been texting this guy for about 4 weeks now who I've kinda known for years but never really talked to. He's... Show More

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  • He is playing hard to get and it is clearly working. He doesn't want to come off as clingy and scare you off cause he knows there is something good between the two of you... Reverse the game he is playing with you next time he initiates a text give it a day till you respond ;)

  • Yeah maybe the excitement of a new girl wore off or he is losing interest. Also, maybe he is trying to text less as well just to see how you do handle it? If girls need constant attention from me in an early relationship its a bad sign...

What Girls Said 2

  • You just need to turn it around on him and text him and if he didn't answer, ask why he hasn't texted you back. Act like you care, and he will come crawling back! (Might work?)

  • Stop texting him first ! Let him do the texting now that you like him and he's acting this way. He's clearly messing with your head; playing mind games, hard to get... obviously cause he might want to move a step forward in the relationship...

    and yes it is obviously working :P.. next time he texts, text him like the next day or if you text instantly and he doesn't do so instantly, don't text back at all and excuse yourself (saying you forgot to text) when he texts you the next day or so ;)

    And remember do not, and I repeat DO NOT text him first! Be strong! If he texts you first for say 3-4 days in a row, then you can text back... try acting a bit mysterious too and like your life (daily routine) would be just the same (pretty good) with or without him, it's bound to drive him maaaadd hah! believe me these techniques will work! ;)

    with love (from experience)

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