Guys do you not like tank tops on girls?

i read somewhere that in spain a girl wearing tank tops would be considered low class...


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  • If she has a great rack there are few things that will look as good on her as a tank top. So I'm going to disagree with Spain here. On the other hand, they let women run around with no tops at all on their beaches, so I guess that's better than a tank top.

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  • Tank tops look bad ass on chicks !

  • if it's a good fitting tank then I love those on girls. I wear em all the time.

  • diff. countries, different ideas

  • I think there nice on girls no problem with me

  • i like them

  • Tank tops are good, they don't exactly leave much to the imagination and I'm fine with that. Breasts look good so why not emphasize them.

  • I quite like them. :<

  • More than anything else in the world, guys like girls. Some guys like tank tops, and maybe some small few don't even, but most don't give a rats behind. So, if you like tank tops just wear em and get on with it, because if guys aren't attracted to you, it ain't got nothing to do with what kinda shirt you're wearin!

    • You're right, I should have warned her about gay men. And you as well!

    • ex-Cccuuuuuuuse ME!As a loud-and-proud gay man I must infooorm you that not e-v-ery guy is infatuated with those silly boobies and what not. Hell-oooOOOOOooo!

  • It depends on the situation. Chilling at home it's fine, but going out it looks crappy.

    • Why to what? Either way a regular t-shirt is better. I'm not gonna make a big deal about a tank top though. Ragged and old like cj said would be gross though.

    • really, why?

    • Yeah no thanks. Good for you I guess.

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  • If we're just hanging out around the house/apartment or as pajamas they're cool. Or if we're outside playing sports or heading to a pool. But to be honest, yeah they look a little trashy if they're worn at a restaurant or somewhere else that isn't super casual. Though I also think that's true of guys wearing tank tops. When I'm in Vegas and I see all the flabby middle aged dads wearing their NASCAR tank tops I shudder and hope I'll never think that's a good idea.

    • I didn't say formal did I? I said they're trashy if worn at anything that isn't super casual.

    • i'd never wear a tank top for formal events. but I mean for school and just walking around in everyday life...

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  • Well why not flaunt what you have..or don't have...but I don't see how they're low class because it's just like wearing a shirt? oh well

  • I'm from Spain and we all wear tank tops. I don't know where you read that, but I've never heard that before.

  • What are you defining a tank top as.. something short, low cut, with straps not sleeves? (I'm sure there is different types). I own quite a few that I definitely don't consider to be "low class", I dress fairly classy anyways. They're so easy to throw on especially in the summer when its hot.

    • i completely agree!

  • If you can make that tank top look good, go for it. ;*D

  • I have being told guys like women in military uniform, especially when sitting atop a battle tank

    • Thank you, cj. For a second there I thought I misunderstood the question.

    • very true +1

  • I'm sure some guys like them :) though not many gals wear them (well, I haven't seen many gals wear them) they may just not be very accustomed to women wearing them :D though they are just shirts at the end of the day.