Got her number... Now what?

So over the fall semester this girl has sat next to me in one of my classes. Usually she sat within arms length even though there was plenty of room for her to make space for herself. She also seemed to have a habit of adjusting her hair and on occasion I would see her looking my direction out of the corner of my eye and when I turned in her's she looked away.

Today was the last day of our classes, so after most everybody had left I asked if she wanted to exchange numbers, adding: "maybe we can do something sometime." A half second hesitation before she said "ummm, ok"

Now, other than giving me her number and the other things I mentioned, she's shown very little interest in me. I'm always the first to initiate conversation and those conversations usually don't last very long.

So I'm wondering, am I missing something, misreading something, or just have the completely wrong idea?


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  • i had a guy in class like that to. not to discourage you but, I thought a lot of things clicked and maybe he liked me too. but when I finally told him I liked him. he said he had a girlfriend and I was crushing over him for about half a year to. try to reanalyze things, check to see if you are analyzing the whole situation a little too much. cause I know I was and if I thought little more, then I wouldn't have connected things like that. and in the end I'd know they were just coincidences or I was thinking wrong. or maybe she's just really shy. give her sometime. maybe she'll open up and see if you guys have anything else in common that you guys can talk about. call her, and hang out. ask if she wants to study or go grab a bite to eat. if she repeatedly rejects you. then you don't really have all that in common.

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      Already did my homework in the signifigant other area, both of us are single. I'm figuring tomorrow I'll send her a text, I've got the better part of saturday to myself (which is rare) grab some lunch hopefully.

      And yeah, I figure if she rejects me continuosly then she's not interested. First time could just be bad timing, twice is pushing it and three times it's not going anywhere.

      Three strikes I'm out, that's my best idea.