Are Eastern European girls really that beautiful and why?

Today my guy friends were talking about girls from Eastern and South Europe and how almost all girls there are attractive and beautiful. So guys what do you think?

Myself ... I find Latin girls really beautiful.


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  • Polish and Czech girls have a good reputation in my mind.

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  • I have travelled extensively and in all countries you have beautiful girls and not so beautiful girls. Personally I find northern and eastern European girls to be very attractive, but that is just my personal preference.

  • Swedish and Russian chicks are incredible.

  • Latin girls are more interesting

  • Eastern Europe women are very beautiful.., I would of planned my trip to Russia in 2 years but needed a visa to get in is just too much of a hassle so I ended up just using Germany and then going to the Czech Republic.

    It's hot to hear a women speak Russian :P

  • latin girls are beautiful, as are most european girls, but I prefer American ones lol, more variety, as they come from all different regions

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  • I tend to like Eastern European guys. :)

  • Some are, some aren't.

    Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Romanian are the most attractive Eastern Europe wise, but speaking of Europe, I prefer Swedish & Danish.

    But yes.

    • To answer your "why," they're generally more exotic. The average white American woman(of anglo saxon origin) isn't that gorgeous. Whenever people talk of beautiful white women, it's always by some European standard, cause Europeans tend to have really odd combinations (hair color/eye color/skin color), so it's more exotic.

    • they aren't odd combinations..

    • odd isn't a bad thing. it's just different, not all the same. They don't all look alike.

      Asian women from Asia tend to look better also, so do blacks from Africa and latinos from Latin America.

  • All girls are beautiful.

  • We are so hot. :DDD

  • Hey! I'm from Hungary, and I think the girls in east Europe are pretty :) We, hungarian girls are very different, because here were a lot of nation. And their blood mixed with ours. So here are latin girls, short girls, tall girls, red hair girls with freckles, think blondies :D And the average breast size is C :) But here are different sizes :D Here are a lot of beautiful girls with small breasts :)

    • * thin :)

      sorry, my English isn't perfect :(

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