Honestly why can't a guy just be satisfied with one girl

i mean you make up excuses for yourselves saying...well its just my nature. I am sorry I don't believe it, I just think most men are greedy and have come accustomed to getting away with sleeping with numerous women...so then they come to the conclusion that's their genetic make up to do so...BS I say...if a woman is treating you right, she is putting the goodies on you when you need it, and keeps herself looking sex, if their is chemistry...why can't you guys just keep your manly in your pants and stick with one woman?

Why do men risk getting caught to sleep with a whore?

Then they beg for forgiveness like puppy dogs...WHY? What is the point?

ladies, I know you have been in a situation where a guy cheats and all of sudden he's crying and whaling about how " he loves you" and wants to stay together...i could see if you weren't getting anything at home...but when your women is a "goo
"good woman" its just ridiculous and I honestly have no sympathy for you at all.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes it's a fact, some guys cheat. Here's another fact, some women do it too. So the question should be, why can't some "people" be faithful ? That's anybodys guess, and I suppose you'd get a multitude of different answers if you could ask all the people that "do" cheat. Most of them would probably come up with all kinds of excuses, to try to justify their immature behavior. One would probably be, I don't "get enough" at home. And who knows, maybe they don't. But that's where communication comes in. If people would just sit down together and talk about their perceived problems, and try to work them out together, the divorce courts would have a lot less business. I know I would (and did) ask myself, if someone that is supposed to love me cheated on me, how much does that person really love me, if they even really love me at all ? It is my opinion that if you really love someone, you wouldn't want to do anything to hurt them, right ? I think "maturity" or the lack of it is a key factor here. As we mature we are expected to make mature decisions, and accept responsibility for our actions.