Would you stay in your marriage/long term relationship if only sex and intimacy was lacking?

21 y/o & married for 2 years & am 5 mths pregnant with our 2nd child. I'm a little on the heavy side, & have self-esteem issues about my size and had to put off gaining and losing weight while pregnant. He's told me before about his past and they were all, beautiful, young, thin, attractive women. My husband is 6 years older than me and I had only 1 boyfriend in high school. At the beginning, he was excited about being with me and was still friends with these women. I didn't want him talking to any of them only if he planned on having a serious relationship with me.

After we were married, he said he kept them in case he ever wanted to be with them again & they were all better than me in different ways. ie. "tightness" "beauty" "breast size"... I asked why he married me if he wasn't satisfied sexually, and he said, "All of your other traits are great and I want my kids to have those traits instead. It doesn't matter how you are in bed to me." which explains why he hasn't exactly been enthusiastic about going to the bedroom all this time, and honestly, I am hurt that he seems to not care about my physical needs or desires since he won't ever initiate or show much interest in me physically.

Since talking to him about this, I've been feeling low and I know I'm a good wife, he allows me to stay at home and take care of our son, I clean, cook, support him, and am faithful to him completely. But I can't help but feel empty inside and lied to for so long. He hasn't touched me since then and I miss it because at times he is romantic when he wants to be. He seems bad here, but he overall is great in all other aspects of our marriage.

Ladies: Would you remain in the marriage if all of your other needs are being met EXCEPT sex and intimacy?

Guys: Do you see anything wrong with how my husband treats me, or do you just consider it honesty?

I'm the one in the relationship and it's hard for me to discern if this is a problem or not because I can't look at it objectively.
Would you stay in your marriage/long term relationship if only sex and intimacy was lacking?
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