Do guys ever realize they made a mistake?

Do guys ever realize that they made a mistake after they broke up with you? And how long does it take for them to realize it? I had my boyfriend tell me that I was perfect, I don't nag, or question him, we have so much fun together, then he drops the bomb on me saying he wants to be single, and he's not ready for a relationship, I'm secretly hoping that he will realize he made a mistake, but even if he does, when would he start to think about it?


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  • In my experience, no. Guys think they're always right and it's like even if they do realize they made a mistake, they'll never admit it!


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  • Some guys are full of pride and can't admit mistakes, if he meant what he said about you, he will come back eventually.

  • of course we do. we're only human

  • Of course we do. I have have regretted a couple break ups. Sometimes you feel smothered. Other times you feel lost. But when you look back you realize it was in your head and you made it worse. You realize you made a mistake. However we most likely won't admit it to the girl or anyone associated with them till years later.

  • Yes sure. It doesn't take long time. But the problem is that you need some rest sometimes.

  • Yeah, we do. A few weeks later, after we get fresh air and then the laundry piles up. We start missing the little things and wonder if we made a mistake.


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  • Rocket is right..and besides that's what makes us think they're all jerks

  • In my experience and people I know... five months... IF you leave him alone.