Nice things girls want to hear?

Couple of exes, and my current ex, one way or the other, always tell me something to the extend of "tell me something nice"; normally I come up with something they did, or mention something I like about them, or give a compliment about their clothes, etc.

However, lately I'm just running out of ideas, so I wondered what are some nice things that girls always love to hear, no matter how old they get. Or what are some nice things guys have said to you that really had an impact.

For the guys---what are the nice things you tell your girlfriend?



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  • * don't ever change.. you are perfect the way you are.

    * being here with you is the only place I ever want to be

    * you are gorgeous

    * you have the most beautiful eyes they look like ( blue = the ocean; brown = chocolate )

    * you're the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on

    * I love your smile

    * I love it when you laugh

    anything that you think. don't lie about anything.. if you think she has eyes that look like the sun to you, then tell her that. and then tell her how much you LOVE the color or the sun. or if you love how something makes her look, like you think the shirt she is wearing is gorgeous on her.. then tell her that.

    • Thanks...these are the type of things I was looking for!

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  • One of the things that always impresses me is when a guy notices something. It isn't even really what he says but the fact that he noticed something different/new.

    ~'hey, your nails look great in that color'

    ~'your hair looks nice up'

    ~'when was the last time we went dancing sweetheart, those new shoes call out for a night on the town!'...ok, that's my dream

    Really, just pay attention, that is the sexiest thing, knowing your guy looks at you and actually sees you.

  • I agree with allangel77. I do think it all comes down to who the woman is as a person and what type of love language she enjoys. It sounds like you have been with women who mostly enjoy "words of affirmation". No matter what type of woman you date she desires to feel cherished and that you genuinely enjoy being in the relationship with her. And like allangel77 said, only say what you truly mean, because its pointless to say something to get something in return and its empty. Just trust what you enjoy about your girlfriend and let her know often.

  • start singing a love song to her

  • you're the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on

  • Have to admit, your question made me giggle. "Need help being nice, runnin out of ideas" I donno. anyways do they really say "tell me something nice? Sounds like that person is either insecure, or trying to find out if you're into them. Try a gesture- get her a present for no reason. Instead of saying something do something. girls love surprises. I would rather a guy take me somewhere We've never been or have some kind of surprise rather than hearing the same boring BS

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  • Nicest, sweetest things you can say are the truth, how you feel about her, what she I to you, what she means to you, why you love/really like her, typically females can tell when you're lying about that sort of thing, incase you plan on trying to fake or lie about anything. So my answer to you is the truth from the bottom of your heart. Because there is NOTHING more sweet or sexier than truth from the bottom of your heart.

  • Couple of things you need to do. Feeling words work, but like others said you have to mean them. Fake words..well come out fake. Google 5 love languages. Just because how you like to show love does not mean that she will receive them well. If you really like your partner, them really get to know them..deeply. For example, I showed my love by "doing things", whether it was painting a wall, stopping by the store and picking up an item, starting her car in the morning in the morning, etc. What I failed to see was she could do this stuff herself and did not place much value on it..what she really placed value on, was the out of ordinary hand hold, when she was on her way out the door to work and say "you look amazing", buying a book from her favorite author. I had to get in-tune to how she like to be loved , what I was doing was falling on deaf ears, even though I meant it deeply. If she is an emotionally healthy person, she will do the same now or very soon.

    What you want to be cautious on is being overly co-dependent. You do no want to lose who you are in pleasing her. If something bothers you, goes against you values, hurts you, or makes you feel like a doormat, then speak up. Hiding these emotions subtly makes you pull away from her, you put walls up and close her off to your true emotions. Speaking up, discussing in a calm manner of how it made you feel, not only shows of a wrong done, but shows you are a strong person, confident person. And most healthy women are very attracted to this.

    Lastly, do not try and fix her. If something is wrong in her life, whatever it maybe (besides catastrophic events), be there, and tell her you understand. Do not feel sad because she is sad. Be the strong person she is looking for and not the wet blade of grass she is trying to lean up against (this actually goes for females as well). For some of us males, fixing the problem is the what we have been brought up with. If you feel the need to help..then ask her. Say, I have some ideas on this if you want to hear them. Let her make the choice instead of you making the choice for her. How do I know this? I was a fixer, and it about ruined my marriage.

    Hope this helps!

  • You need to mean them if you want them to take real effect.

    For appearance- I think compliments work best when they are not seen coming even whist you are saying it. For instance I said this once to a girl I really like and I didn't even expect to say it myself- you look so different, (she was like huh why what do you mean) I have such a unique look about you, I could just look at you all day. Then she smiled and started talking to me. Damn I want her bad.

  • try comparing her to good thengs like a rose

  • I think that if you are running out of ideas you both should do more things together, going to different places, do something different! And eventually new ideas will come up.

    Is just my though.

    Good luck!

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