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[Operation Get a Hug] What do Girls Like To Hear?

I have high functioning autism and find reading social cues extremely difficult. I also have a deep need to compartmentalize and organize everything to an unrealistic standard.
Unfortunately, this has left me friendless and without a relationship for just about all of my life. I always end up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time because I just can't grasp facial expressions and body language no matter how hard I study them. Regardless of how hard I try to be nice to people, my awkwardness in social situations sabotages me.

I'm nearly 22 years old now, and seeing people being happy in relationships, and even knowing acquaintances who are getting married at this age, makes me feel entirely worthless, envious, and exceptionally alone. I've always, always wanted to feel affection from someone. Hell, even just a hug would turn my entire year around. With my (unattractive) complexion and my condition, I have lost all hope of ever forming a meaningful relationship with a girl. However, I think it isn't entirely out of the question to try and at least get a hug from someone somewhat genuine without resorting to paying an escort or something along those lines.

I have a little book of pictures that helps me to recognize facial expressions and to idenify the way someone is emoting. I want to do the same with conversation openers and things that a girl would like to hear. My goal is to just get a smile or get a hug from her, even if it is a pity hug.

Question (Finally) :
Girls (or guys who are capable with girls) what would be something that you would enjoy if a guy to said it to you? Something that would make you smile? I want to write these down in my book to be able to reference before engaging in a conversation. I'm so desperate for human connection and I'm so tired of being called weird and ugly. I feel like one hug would make me feel just so good.
[Operation Get a Hug] What do Girls Like To Hear?
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