Do Guys Like Conservative Girls?

I am in college and all around me I see people drinking and "hooking up". I have morals/standards and do not want to jeopardize them. I have been around many guys and ALL of them comment on how I am conservative. It isn't like I have a stick up my butt. I do go to dance parties and have a great sense of humor. I have friends that drink sometimes, I just won't do it.

Is this a bad thing? Are guys turned off by a conservative girl?


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  • I've never drank, never smoked, never did any type of drug. So, you're not alone. I'm college educated and maintain an excellent job. Sound kind of dull? Just means I'm mature. I still like to have fun. I act like a kid around my friends, and do whatever I feel like. I still hang out with my friends who drink, and even try to participate in their games, and just get someone to drink for me.

    You have your own morals, which are yours. You sound interesting, and I think there are guys out there who will be interested... Just don't expect the college jock to come knocking on your door (which I doubt your interested in, anyways).


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  • Stick to your morals; there is nothing wrong with that. Decent guys will respect you for sticking with your beliefs. What you are doing is a strength of character, not a weakness.

  • What does it matter if guys are turned off? What does matter is that some guys aren't. And those are obviously the type of guys you want. Guys are not looking for a particular girl, unless they are looking for an easy lay. If they are, then they will go after the girls who are easy. And if that's the case, then it's obvious they aren't worth your time. Stick to your roots, morals, and beliefs.

  • It's not a bad thing, but these days you have a lot of competition from girls that are happy to be not conservative. College guys especially want a girl now, instead of getting to know her first. So, in your position it will be quite difficult.

  • Morality is subjective. Purity/chastity is a fantasy and a multi-billion dollar industry. Men and women are wired to want variety in sexual partners, that's why purity is nothing but a fantasy. It is the trump card that women use to control men in relationships. The reason that women defend their purity so defensively is because it is directly related to their access to resources (men, money, status, etc.). A high-class woman, if found out by her social circle to be a wh0re, she would go from high-class to the gutter.

    I laugh at women who claim they have "morals and standards". You're wasting your youth, girl. Go $ex it up and stop being conservative, it's bad for you. Purity is nothing but a fantasy.

  • Yes I love conservative girls.

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  • Do not compromise your morals/values - they make you who you are. Guys who want a steady girlfriend, a relationship so to speak will turn to you because you are confident in who you are. Essentially compromising your morals is compromising yourself. Yeah, honestly, if you can go out and not drink and still have tons of fun that says something about yourself (you have a positive view towards life). Remember, you have to find a way to loosen up and have fun. Some people drink and go-out to do that, others just find other means and ways. I don't think drinking necessarily makes people do "bad" things, usually your own morals and values do not go out the door when you drink (i. E. Your not gonna turn into an 'easy' girl just because you had a couple of drinks, if anything it will bring out your humorous side) and of course, good friends always look out for other friends when they drink. Anyways, your strong moral character is admirable.

  • Well not at all!

    It proves you will do anything to stick to your morals,

    and that you aren't easy. Guys like easy girls for around a month

    at a time. They like conservative girls ALL the time because

    not only do they know that the girl doesn't and will never sleep

    around. but when it comes to being in a relationship, she will

    never sleep around or flirt with other guys.

    It's a good thing and all guys should be if not already

    turned on by conservative girls ;)

  • I have been told by a few guys that it's not a bad thing. They might pay attention to all the girls around you but that's just because they want to "hook up" with them. When they are wanting an actual girlfriend and not just want sex, they look for a conservative girl since they tend to be more loyal and honest.

  • Just be the way you are! Keep your standards and morals up! I'm Like that too I rap but I never did any drugs or drink I'm cool)))