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How does high cheekbones look like?

Stupid question: How do you define someone as having high cheekbones or low(?) cheekbones? Links would be best. And why are they attractive? If a person has high cheekbones but other facial features are not that stunning, would they be more agttractive just because of the cheekbones alone?To me, the people who are described as having high cheekbones have this rather sunken-looking cheeks. Like Johnny Depp. The sunken-looking cheeks make their cheekbones more prominent, so people would say they have high cheekbones. But I'm curious as to what people describe as high and low cheekbones.

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  • high cheekbones sit high up right under your eyes and stick out. they sculpt your face.ex: link

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  • most celebrities tend to go for plastic surgeries,it's better to look in for ordinary people

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  • Google it.

  • High: link Low: link

    • angelina doesn't have low cheekbones.

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    • why does to Asian girl have low cheekbones? her cheeks look pretty ample to me.and the model looks like - as I said - she has that sunken-looking cheeks, which makes her cheekbones just pop.

    • High cheekbones are more closer to your eyes and make your face appear sculped and typically longer/thinner. Low cheekbones are more lower, closer to your jaw, making your face appear wider.