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How does high cheekbones look like?

Stupid question: How do you define someone as having high cheekbones or low(?) cheekbones? Links would be best. And why are they attractive? If a... Show More

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  • high cheekbones sit high up right under your eyes and stick out. they sculpt your face.

    ex: link

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  • Anyone else find that high cheekbones are gorgeous on most girls but Asian girls look best without them? Somehow i feel their faces look best as soft as possible without the sculpture of carved cheekbones or a defined jawline. That's why there are so many beautiful Asian ladies, because low cheekbones are common :3

  • most celebrities tend to go for plastic surgeries,it's better to look in for ordinary people

What Girls Said 3

  • Google it.

  • High: link

    Low: link

    • angelina doesn't have low cheekbones.

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    • why does to Asian girl have low cheekbones? her cheeks look pretty ample to me.

      and the model looks like - as I said - she has that sunken-looking cheeks, which makes her cheekbones just pop.

    • High cheekbones are more closer to your eyes and make your face appear sculped and typically longer/thinner. Low cheekbones are more lower, closer to your jaw, making your face appear wider.

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