If a guy touches your shoulder slightly does he like you?

And if he does it more than once?

Question says it all.


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  • He may be testing the waters; trying to catch your reactions to it. Could also be that he is comfortable around you too. Its easily 50-50 as to what his thoughts were, and even less odds as to why he did so. If I were to get to the point where my confidence allowed me to touch a girl, or even her shoulder for that fact, yes, I would to some degree definitely like her. Could also be because I'm pretty shy in most regards, so simply touching a girl is a huge task for me; almost as tasking as trying to approach a girl.

    Unless his body language said otherwise or he acts this way all the time, I'd say its a fairly decent chance he might.

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  • It doesn't really denote something.

    Some guys just want to touch a girl lightly.

  • Oh yes he does and like as a rule of thumb just like drewpacman suggested see how he treats other people especially other girls. if he is more flirty or touchy with you he most probably likes you

  • see how he acts to other girls, if he's touchy feely or more into you.

  • Yup, I'd place my confidence in it. =D>

  • It could be playfulness or expressing a mild type of interest towards you. You should reciprocate and see where it goes from there.

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