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If a guy touches your shoulder slightly does he like you?

And if he does it more than once?

Question says it all.

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  • He may be testing the waters; trying to catch your reactions to it. Could also be that he is comfortable around you too. Its easily 50-50 as to what his thoughts were, and even less odds as to why he did so. If I were to get to the point where my confidence allowed me to touch a girl, or even her shoulder for that fact, yes, I would to some degree definitely like her. Could also be because I'm pretty shy in most regards, so simply touching a girl is a huge task for me; almost as tasking as trying to approach a girl.

    Unless his body language said otherwise or he acts this way all the time, I'd say its a fairly decent chance he might.

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  • It doesn't really denote something.

    Some guys just want to touch a girl lightly.

  • Oh yes he does and like as a rule of thumb just like drewpacman suggested see how he treats other people especially other girls. if he is more flirty or touchy with you he most probably likes you

  • If he does it more than once he probably is doing it on the friendly level, getting you comfortable with his touch, or he just thinks you're good looking, But yes its possible he could like you.

  • depends on the situation probably no tho :D

  • No, it means he touched your shoulder slightly.

  • see how he acts to other girls, if he's touchy feely or more into you.

  • It could be playfulness or expressing a mild type of interest towards you. You should reciprocate and see where it goes from there.

  • how he acts in general? That's the important part. if he is touchy or tries to be close to you physically it means he has feelings towards you

  • If you notice him only doing it to you then maybe you should investigate more.. but if he's doing it to everyone then he's just a touchy feely guy.

  • Yup, I'd place my confidence in it. =D>

  • Do you mean if he touches you just one time? Now if he keeps finding reasons to touch you, then I would say that he most likely does have feelings for you. Unless he is like that with other people all the time. He might just be a touchy feely person compared to most people.

  • You'll need to look at waaaaaaay more conclusive things to figure out if a guy likes you, not if he touched you on the shoulder.

  • If I do it, yea. I don't touch women I'm not interested in banging.

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