Sweaty butt crack?

Okay this isn't a joke question or anything like that.

Recently I started to sweat down there, in my crack lol. and it is so inconvenient to manage this because eventually the moisture does leave a skid mark on the back of my boxers and eventually, pants. I can't even walk a mile without it even starting let alone sit down for a half hour before it'll start to feel more sweaty. And no its not (poop)water haha. maybe its an overactive sweat gland? I also noticed that I'm kinda going through a growth phase I guess I could call it, facial hair is more rugged recently, hair on my chest/back/stomach, etc... its like a second puberty at age 21 lol

so anywyays, I'm not sure what's the real cause, I don't wear super tight jeans/boxers, or am fat, I'm healthy, (close to) fit, I work out, I do normal things.., but my butt crack sweats a little bit, and I have no idea how to fix this... I am gonna see a doctor soon, but through google, and various websites, I am at a loss so far, and I'm not sure anything the doc prescribes to me or says to me will be anything I haven't considered already or done. Most likely it could be a sweat gland removal surgery or go buy XXX product.

I use goldbond powder down there, but it only lasts for so long, and I don't even mean hours... so I actually take some paper towel and fold it and slip it (lol) into my butt crack to absorb the moisture... like I said. Its a serious f***ing problem. just started like 5 months ago and I tried dealing with it, thinking it was a temporary thing I guess but its not going away...

so please help lol. My life depends on it. Answer this question if you have personal experience or anything useful to say please .. I really hate this situation like you have no idea. its completely embarrassing and uncomfortable and it really ruins my day, everyday.


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  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Look it up. A lot of people get it underneath their arms, but I'm sure it can happen other places in the body. Gold bond will only help you so much. Anticholinergics are prescribed meds, otherwise there's Iontophoresis (electricity passing through tap water). Or as a last resort, elective surgery called cervical sympathectomy to flip the switch on your sweating issue.

    Best of luck!

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      Wow. lol thanks