Sweaty butt crack?

Okay this isn't a joke question or anything like that.

Recently I started to sweat down there, in my crack lol. and it is so inconvenient to manage this because eventually the moisture does leave a skid mark on the back of my boxers and eventually, pants. I can't even walk a mile without it even starting let alone sit down for a half hour before it'll start to feel more sweaty. And no its not (poop)water haha. maybe its an overactive sweat gland? I also noticed that I'm kinda going through a growth phase I guess I could call it, facial hair is more rugged recently, hair on my chest/back/stomach, etc... its like a second puberty at age 21 lol

so anywyays, I'm not sure what's the real cause, I don't wear super tight jeans/boxers, or am fat, I'm healthy, (close to) fit, I work out, I do normal things.., but my butt crack sweats a little bit, and I have no idea how to fix this... I am gonna see a doctor soon, but through google, and various websites, I am at a loss so far, and I'm not sure anything the doc prescribes to me or says to me will be anything I haven't considered already or done. Most likely it could be a sweat gland removal surgery or go buy XXX product.

I use goldbond powder down there, but it only lasts for so long, and I don't even mean hours... so I actually take some paper towel and fold it and slip it (lol) into my butt crack to absorb the moisture... like I said. Its a serious f***ing problem. just started like 5 months ago and I tried dealing with it, thinking it was a temporary thing I guess but its not going away...

so please help lol. My life depends on it. Answer this question if you have personal experience or anything useful to say please .. I really hate this situation like you have no idea. its completely embarrassing and uncomfortable and it really ruins my day, everyday.


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  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Look it up. A lot of people get it underneath their arms, but I'm sure it can happen other places in the body. Gold bond will only help you so much. Anticholinergics are prescribed meds, otherwise there's Iontophoresis (electricity passing through tap water). Or as a last resort, elective surgery called cervical sympathectomy to flip the switch on your sweating issue.

    Best of luck!

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  • Oh no. Well, it might make you feel better to know that you're not the only guy out there with this problem. I have seen other guys walking around with sweat stains on their butts!

    You might be rather disgusted with my suggestion, but it should take care of the show-through problem until you see a doctor. I would put a panty liner on your underwear to soak up the sweat. Panty liners aren't the enormous pads that women use for menstruation. They are for everyday use... They are thin and have an adhesive back that can be stuck to clothing. If the idea of panty liners is too much for you, use a big band aid or something instead.

    You might also want to try wearing underwear that can soak up a certain amount of sweat. And check that you're not wearing too much warm clothing.

  • You are smart.

    Increases in sweating are definitely signs of a change in health and are recommended to be mentioned to your primary care physician.

    And you've related it to your growth spurt, also smart !

    Many people either don;t know or forget that they can call their doctor's office or email with information to be put on file for when they have their next appointment and that the doctor doesn't have to see you for you to submit a urine sample, if the doctor thinks that's a good idea.

    Increases in sweating is usually indicative of hormone imbalance, especially in the areas regulated by the pineal gland. This can be that something else is out of balance and then a chain reaction occurs.

    *here's a link for you, check out the table of topics on the right of the page

    link *

    For now:

    1) Add even just one glass of water every morning, first thing when you wake up. There's a very important body regulating hormone or gland or node or something that H20 first thing in the morning specifically helps but I forget it's name.

    Lemon water is even better.

    Here's a link why link

    2) No caffeine ! Even if it's just one cup a day or after a certain time of day. Caffeine really effects how much we sweat, we have turned into such a coffee and soda culture int he West, especially, that people,however obvious this seems or smart we are ,seem to have forgotten this.

    3) This will sound weird but, it's a really good tip I picked up from my dada.

    He used to run marathons and he got in the habit of using those odd socks from the laundry in his butt crack to prevent chafing.

    It needs to be cotton, not cheap artificial fibers.

    You could even buy a bag of specially colored cotton socks just for this purpose. I have them in my gym bag. :3

    You just tuck the thin foot part in and fold the top half over and hold it there with your underpants' waistband. It absorbs the moisture like a sweatband on your head and wrists does. He actually tucked is further down in between his testicle pouch...TMI

    Some people suggest powders but, this actually throws off your body's natural Ph even more causing more odor and of course 'paste' *eeewwww*

    The things we think of as unwanted and gross are just hard-wired into our body's mechanism to remind our conscious selves to regulate our living habits to what the body needs. It's a amazing how connected it all is. Drinking the recommended 'half your body weight in ounces every day" ( ex. 140 pounds = 70 ounces of water a day = Nine 8 oz.glasses ) will not only help your sweat not smell but will remarkably cut down on the sweating.

    Also : start switching to only natural fiber clothing like cotton.Do an image search to find where to buy 'mens' cotton mesh undergarments' for dryness.


    • Lol.. no I'm pretty healthy and in shape

    • Lol oh ok.

  • my teacher has that problem hahahaha except it comes out here hands and feet its sooo weirds water just pool on her hands or when she's walking around shell leaave a water trails. it really sucks that its on your but thow there's a sergery but there's no garentee

  • use clinical strength deodrant at night and wash off in morning. you will notice you sweat less. I do this and works like a charm! but it has to be clinical strength. trust me...it will work. I put it on my vagina too, just top part, in summer, at night... dry all day! I sweat like a pig if I dont

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  • Possibly omething related to hemorroids.

  • Definitely seek the advice of your doctor, sooner rather than later. Unless someone here has been through the same thing it's doubtful we can really help. If I were to venture a guess I would say you're probably right with your overactive sweat gland theory.

    • Yeah I figure as much, I was just relying on maybe someone here who has experienced this :/ lol but yeah, ill be checking in soon

  • What your experiencing is called swamp ass, it's all part of being a guy. The best way to avoid swamp ass is to wear under armor boxers, or if those are too expensive, then don't wear light colored pants that often such as white or even khaki if you do always tuck your shirt it.

    • Lol okay. haha ill check those underarmor pants then... I'm seriously gonna buy a pair just because you said so. I'm gonna exhaust all my options

    • They work I wear them when I work outside.

    • LMAO SWAMP ASS!! I think a tear just came into my eye from laughing so hard!

  • If it leaves a skid mark in your underwear then you are not wiping well enough when you do your business in the bathroom. I have lived in Texas my whole life. And in a climate as hot and humid as Texas, Niagara Falls down everybody's butt crack is completely unavoidable. And I never get skid marks on my underwear. I mean never.

    It is because I wipe until the paper is white even after you use it.

    Actually on another note, having a hairy butt helps reduce the moisture there. And you can generally reduce the amount you sweat in general by living a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet.

    • Yeah... its not because I don't wipe my ass.. I wipe it till its clean dudenextdoor. nothing more disgusting than a sh*t infested underpants.

      like I said, I am healthy, fit-ish, live a nice lifestyle... eat healthy, way better than most people who eat conserved foods and going to fastfoods here and there.

      Its a sweat problem. Not a "i forgot to wipe the sh*t off my asshole" problem.

      thanks for the "help"


    You're a funny guy :D

    Like my friend rob who would always leave a sweaty butt print on chairs :D

    You're not alone ._.

    Sorry for not having any actual advice, it's a pretty unique problem >_<

    • Yeah its a pretty retarded problem.. like I don't sweat ALOT but its like after a few hours it will show...

    • Spray some antiperspirant up there.

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