Why do girls like abs?

I have 6 pack abs , and my x-gf liked it so much , so I just wanna know why do you like abs ?


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  • We like them because they show masculinity and a fit physique(strength, healthy). Men are usually regarded as being hard-bodied, while women assume the more soft-bodied figure. I personally think abs are very hot!

    • How do they show masculinity?

      Some of the most masculine guys I know Powerlift. They have to have amazing abs, but they don't necessarily show through. Abs is more about bodyfat than the actual muscle itself.

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  • I don't.

  • I LOVE ABBSS! I have a boyfriend with a 6 pack and I could have my hand on it all day, it looks so sexyyyyyy! and it is such a turn onn :) to have a guy with a good looking body. its lushh ;)

  • It shows you care about yourself.

  • Becuz it's relli hawtt! (: It's a hugggee turn on for girls (:

  • bcuz if a guy has abs it means he's strong and fit and girls like guys who are strong who can protect them, make them feel safe. abs mean a guy works out and he's healthy, besides lol abs really hott(:

    • Pretty much sums it up.. ;) lol

    • I have a best friend that has abs I dare say better than some of the guys in the Twilight movies and he never works out. You girls need to understand just because some guys aren't solid muscle, doesn't at all mean they aren't strong. I watched a junior in high school with a six pack get his ass whooped by a fat kid that was only a freshman. Abs don't mean anything

  • Why do guys like boobs? Yeah I know girls don't really have to maintain their boobs while guys have to maintain their abs, but still it's sex appeal. I don't understand the appeal of boobs as you don't understand the appeal of abs. Abs are amazing to me. I love how firm, hard and tight they are. I could be in heaven just feeling and kissing on a guy's abs. Mmm.

  • b/c its hot and in shape

  • a body that's in shape is a turn on


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  • Why do guys like boobs. Same answer.

    • I was literally about to say the exact same thing hahaha

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    • AWESOME answer lol.

    • Actually, I think a nice butt is the equivalent of boobs with men. When I see a man, I am looking at his face, especially eyes, lips and nose (I like a pronounced/Roman nose on a man) but it always comes back to the derri?re, the ass. Round and full and athletic. A soccer ass. A bigger ass. Either is beautiful. This is starting to turn into a poem.

  • because its healthy