I like chubby girls?

Not like dangerously overweight but like full figured. Does that make me weird?


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  • Nice I am overweight myself and lonely a lot ;(. I have had bf's before he left because I'm kind of a nympho not because I was to big haha. You know what they say what big girls don't have physicaly we make up in bed ;)


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  • Not at all. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what they find attractive.

    I think the impression that liking larger women is weird stems from what media tells us we should find attractive. A lot of people buy into these ideas and when other people don't, they treat that person as different (i.e. some guys may tease their friends for dating a "fat girl") and this kind of behaviour often leads to people hiding their preferences if they aren't "mainstream".

    That being said, you certainly aren't alone. A lot of guys like chubby girls.

    Personally, as far as weight is concerned, I don't have a preference as long as the person is relatively healthy and active, and willing and able to share in the things that I enjoy (i.e. going on walks, bike rides, or other active and fun things).

  • Being on the pudgy side of things, seeing this makes me really happy :)

    For the most part I like who I am physically, but it gets really old being ignored by the vast majority of the male population, particularly when around my thin friends.

    • Im kind of thin myself but I like bigger framed women.

  • thats not weird at all. I wish more guys shared that view, because hardly any guy gives me the time of day that he would a skinny girl.

    also- I'm sick of guys saying they like 'full-figured' women, when they really just mean they want her to have nice t*ts and ass. I've heard I have a nice ass, but I just wish my boobs would grow a little more. ;p

  • gimmie a call lol

  • chubby is beautiful

  • no you're not weird:)

  • i'm chubby/full figured and I would be a little offended that someone thought it was weird to like me? as if there is something wrong with me because I'm not skinny. I know you didn't mean any offense by that though..well I am losing weight anyway. nobody likes fat girls, not even guys who say they like fat girls lol.

    • Im sorry I didn't mean to offend you :(

    • It's not about fat, it's about how you take care of yourself and how the extra weight suits you. The woman in the first one is beautiful, the weight suits her, she is still very pretty and sexy. On other girls it might not, especially if they look sloppy or if they have too much weight.

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  • No it doesn't. I am not into fat or chubby, but I do like a woman with a bigger frame/bigger boned.

    Each to his own.

  • No way man, I love full figured women, as well as skinny women. This picture I think it actually kinda sexy. If you like it too, I think you're fine. There's something about curves and all the softness that turns me on. You feel like you can hold her more, like it would be better overall.

    link The girl on the right. Definitely the hottest in my opinion, and women can be chubbier with a pretty face and still turn me on.

    • Yeah a lot of full figure women have beautifull smiles and a lot of times better personality

  • absolutely not, can be kind of attractive, really ;)

  • nope... go ahead and chase the chunk... its good for you... lol

  • i like thick girls.