Guys, Would you date a chubby girl if she is losing weight?

i'm not saying curvy because i have seen guys on here saying "curvy means fat" so i'm saying chubby. So would you date a chubby girl who is trying really hard to lose weight so she gets thinner? Like for example i'm a little chubby girl (i have a 36'' waist") and i play sports constantly, i live in the woods and boondocks so i climb trees and swim a lot. So even though i'm chubby i'm getting a little thinner each week. So would you date someone like this or not?

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  • A: Losing weight isn't necessarily about how much exercise you do. It's about calorie intake versus calorie expense. So, first you need to do some research for your goals. Also, I do think it's really good that you're trying to slim down. But, fat is my major turn off. I'm not going to be politically correct, because that's the absolute killer for me, personally. Something my parents said about being fat when I was a kid, I think. Anyways, no, I just couldn't do it. I wouldn't be attracted to her.


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  • If the girls is losing weight for her own health reasons or self esteem sure. But I don't really factor in weight in terms of Dating potential that's moreso a personality question.

  • depends how much we have in common and if we are compatible. its not about weight. I don't care if she is not thin but I want her to be fit so she can keep up with me while hiking or just being active

  • A lot of all my girlfriends were chubby or on the larger side so it would not bother me if she was really nice and looking for something serious count me in I have always been a chubby chaser.

  • A girls weight and looks aren't everything. If we click and she's got an awesome personality id still date her

  • I've dated a chubby girl who wasn't trying to lose weight, so...

    It wouldn't make a difference to me.

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