Whats the best drink for a lightweight?

Ok, I'm a lightweight drinker, and allergic, but I like to drink. A Mikes Hard Lemonade is good enough for me, but if there is a better drink that doesn't have too much alcohol, just let me know.


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  • I'm a lightweight too or at least I was when I first start drinking, but lately I've come to find out I actually built up a bit of a tolerance. Anyways I would suggest if you want to mix a drink that cherry mcguilicuties (spelling?) and 7 up is pretty good or vanilla mcguilcuties and coke is good too and tastes just like vanilla coke. Those are too of my favs and they don't get you too drunk right away if you drink in moderation. Otherwise pineapple and malibu is pretty good too but the alcohol is a little bit more in the malibu than in the cherry and vanilla stuff. Anyways hope this helps! :)

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      Thanks I'll try all those! lol!!