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Do guys like really skinny girls or girls with some meat on her bones?

I mean not fat but not stick thin either I've gotten it in my head that the majority of guys like really skinny girls..?

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  • Well, I prefer a girl to be height/weight proportionate. But that being said, the way I think of it is, I'd like a girl to feel good in a hug. :) So, some meat on her bones.

  • Really skinny, definitely not. Smooth, gentle curves, yes.

    The idea we like girls really skinny is most likely down to mistaken ideas. Yes, it's true that we like hips that are wider than the waist. But it's wider hips we like, not a narrower waist. And that's also more down to the bones, so changing your weight isn't going to affect that.

  • I like my girls with a bit of meat on their bones. Definitely not into stick figures,

  • I like a girl with a actual figure, not too large and not too thin. as Dane Cook once said you'd never say the person was fat but they are "shapes" not into that. I also don't want to see more than 6 ribs at any given time.

    hope that answers your question :)

  • I don't really like skinny girls. I definitely prefer girls with some meat. If I really liked that girl however, I wouldn't really care.

  • I like girls with some thickness.

  • When a girls is sitting on my crotch, I don't want to feel her bones but rather her muscles/fat. Voluptuous, even a little overweight, is very sexy to me as sometimes a girl who a bit overboard has thick butt and/or legs, which drive me crazy.

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  • I'm skinny, definitely, but not overweight. I just have a little meat on my sandwich, as any girl should, and my boyfriend says my body is perfect the way it is. Really skinny is disgusting to him.

  • Guys like having something to put their arms around. Some girls are so skinny, I think guys are scared of hugging them in case they break them. From your comment, it seems as though you are slim and healthy with curves in the right places. If you're happy with yourself, don't worry about the skinnies.

  • its about not being fat, and being in good shape.. Look at the mirror, it's your best friend!

    You can have a pretty and healthy body being skinny or not, but remember: never fat.

  • i think if you're happy with the way you look and confident about your body, then guys will be attracted to that

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