What are good safe ways to increase calorie intake?

Ever since I started working on getting more fruits and vegetables in my diet I've been coming in at roughly 1200-1500 calories per day. I should be getting 2300. Any suggestions on how to increase my calorie intake without adding unhealthy foods to my diet or increasing the amount of food I eat (since I eat quite a lot and there isn't much room for more)?

My diet right now consists mainly of whole grain pasta, brown rice, chicken breasts, egg whites, fish, fruits and vegetables. When I eat beef its the 93% lean stuff.


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  • God, why are guys so obsessed with protein shakes? Get that word out of the vocab! I just had to explain this tonight to my brother, too. The average American diet is packed with plenty of protein. Adding these stupid shakes is redundant. The only people who need to pack those down are elite athletes.

    As for caloric intake, it really depends on your preferences in foods. Everyone already gave some great examples with nuts, avocados, etc. In all honesty, I'd suggest Googling to find foods of your preference. Consider smoothies with banana and yogurt.

    How did you come up with 2300 for your intake? I wish I still had my exercise physio notes. We had an equation we used to find your ideal caloric intake, figuring in activity level and metabolic rate. I am taking sports nutrition next quarter so I'd be able to give you more scientific advice then. :p

    • An equation I've seen repeated on a few sites and in a few nutrition guides.

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    • Lolz. Downvoting. I bet they're a fan of GNC.

    • Wasn't me =P

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  • eat more nuts, avocado, protein bars and supplements.

  • If you don't already, you can incorporate things like nuts (or organic nut butters), avocado, yogurt, granola, and healthy oils (such as olive oil---you can cook with it, use it as a base for some homemade salad dressing, or if you really want, you can just mix it in with your food, like in a protein shake) into your diet.

    Consider using regular foods instead of low-fat/fat-free foods (i.e. 2% milk instead of skim, regular cheese instead of light, regular yogurt instead of fat-free).

    Choose a fattier fish. Like, if you normally eat white fish, eat some salmon instead. It's higher in calories, and also gives you a lot of good fatty acids.

    • Good call on the other things but not with the fish. I only like the taste of white fish. Call me a fish racist, but when it comes to fish, I say white is right. And I am a total white fish supremacist.

    • Ohhh, you're missing out. I love salmon! Mmm.. maybe I'll make myself a salmon salad sandwich for lunch. :D

  • Peanut butter, avocados, protein shakes/bars, coconuts, add more meals to your day as well

  • Protein bars perhaps. [:

    I like Luna bars, but those are really woman's bars... ha.. But they're good and vegan. ;] link They're around 170 calories, I believe.

    The coconut is beyond amazing. Just saying.

    Or Clif Builder bars. link

    Around 270 calories.

    Both really fill you up though.

    Maybe cut the beef out and replace it with a builder bar.. Has more protein and fiber, I'm sure.

    • Clif products are good overall but have lots of sugar. I'm weary of them for that reason. Good call on protein bars though.

    • Protein bars can be a double edged sword I've noticed. You have two kinds basically. You have the kind that is packed full of artificial sweeteners that may or may not be really bad for you, and you have the kind that's bursting with as much sugar as a can of coke, which we know for a fact is bad for you =(

      I eat them anyway but not often.

    • Clif uses evaporated cane juice though. Which is just a healthier alternative to sugar.

      And brown rice syrup.

      But still, both are healthier than sugar or artificial sweeteners.

  • Maybe having one indulgent meal a day? Like, I dunno, pancakes in the morning with maple syrup, or something.

    Or a chocolate bar or something?

    I'm not saying go crazy, but it sounds like you've got enough room to add something if you wanted to.

    Alternatively, maybe it's not about increasing what you eat, but more what you eat things with? Not suggesting this, but people eat mayo with chips - is there anything you like which goes with your current meals? You know like, make your whole grain pasta into a tuna and pasta bake or something?

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  • Why are you eating such lean beef?

    Any dairy in your diet?

    • I cut out dairy for a while to try to isolate the reason why I've been so gassy ever since I started trying to eat healthy. Haven't reintroduced it yet. As far as the beef goes, I kinda figured you had to. What's a good l/f ratio with beef? 80/20 is too much, right?

    • I don't think you can look at fat content in isolation and say its 'good' or 'bad'. Some foods are ... not natural. Most natural foods can be good or bad depending on the overall diet.

    • Fair enough. For the past few weeks the only dairy I've been getting in my diet is whey protein (which is dairy based), and occasionally sprinking shredded cheese on the tops of things like salads. I've isolated the source of the gas as coming from baked goods made with flour (breads, mainly).

  • To safely add more cals to your diet, you can't go wrong with healthy oils.

    Cook with more olive / sesame oil than you usually do, and eat more nuts and avocados.

    Avocados aren't cheap so I understand if you don't wanna go that route.

    PS I know this is 2 months old...but all knowledge helps :)

    • are sir, that it does.

  • Add in a few glasses of whole milk. If you want to gain weight (fat, lean mass, or both) or make up for lax eating habits this is the best way to do it. Liquid calories are definitely easier to take in than solid ones, and it tastes great to boot! No need to buy "gainers" as one guy called them. No need for powders, mixes, bars, or whatever it is people use these days. Just drink nice, tasty, fatty whole milk.

    After losing a rather substantial amount of weight over a short period of time (still haven't figured out why, maybe my system was fighting something) I gained it back by drinking about a half gallon of whole milk per day.

    The weight came back quickly, both muscle AND fat. When I was a little higher than where I thought I should be I stopped and my weight evened out. It's safest to go a bit higher than you intend to, because your body will have increased your metabolism with your increase in food intake, so if you suddenly drop the calories you'll lose a few pounds. For example, I was down to between 150 and 160 before eating up to about 175-180. When I stopped I dropped down back to 170

  • If you have the mullah, buy a weight gainer protein powder. They seriously help you put a lot of size on..trust me. If not add a tablespoon or two of peanut butter to your protein shake, oatmeal, olive oil, etc.. those alone can work wonders. Eat every two/three hours and focus on eating high caloric carbohydrates. Pastas, sweet potatos, whole grains, WHOLE GRAIN PASTAS, etc. A plentiful amount of whole grain carbs keep your body anabolic (pro muscle building environment). Keep most of your protein sources from meats, fish, poultry, dairy etc. Just take in more small meals a day that are calorie and protein dense meals.

    • He's not looking to gain weight.

    • He just said he wants to increase caloric intake in a safe way..read my answer again

  • Well first thing is first. You gotta figure out how much activity you're doing versus how much nutrition you need to ingest. Are you losing weight? Keep a track of that on a weekly basis (if you're losing like 1kg per week then you're probably about 300 calories per day off maintainence)

    If you know you need to get more calories into you, then calorie dense foods are what you need. Essentially that boils down to nuts and butters (30% of that should be fat based calories).

    Some healthy options include (I notice you can't really eat processed grains foodstuffs):

    Avocado & Bananas are really dense natural sources of calories


    Dark chocolate

    Nuts & Seeds (and their butters e.g. peanut butter)

    Coconut milk, coconut butter, etc.


    Dried fruits


    Protein powders (in all forms)

    Vegetable oils

    Eggs are an excellent source of protein and calories (whole egg)

    As always, practice moderation. If you feel you really can't stomach eating more, then consider using fruit juices, or protein shakes to slowly expand the capacity of your stomach (i.e. drink a little more each time).

    Keep in mind staying on a really calorie dense diet will invariably lead to packing on weight (you're not eating a lot, but you are getting a tonne of nutrients) so make sure you back off once you reach a healthy level of daily calorie intake (maintaining weight)

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