What are good safe ways to increase calorie intake?

Ever since I started working on getting more fruits and vegetables in my diet I've been coming in at roughly 1200-1500 calories per day. I should be getting 2300. Any suggestions on how to increase my calorie intake without adding unhealthy foods to my diet or increasing the amount of food I eat (since I eat quite a lot and there isn't much room for more)?

My diet right now consists mainly of whole grain pasta, brown rice, chicken breasts, egg whites, fish, fruits and vegetables. When I eat beef its the 93% lean stuff.


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  • God, why are guys so obsessed with protein shakes? Get that word out of the vocab! I just had to explain this tonight to my brother, too. The average American diet is packed with plenty of protein. Adding these stupid shakes is redundant. The only people who need to pack those down are elite athletes.

    As for caloric intake, it really depends on your preferences in foods. Everyone already gave some great examples with nuts, avocados, etc. In all honesty, I'd suggest Googling to find foods of your preference. Consider smoothies with banana and yogurt.

    How did you come up with 2300 for your intake? I wish I still had my exercise physio notes. We had an equation we used to find your ideal caloric intake, figuring in activity level and metabolic rate. I am taking sports nutrition next quarter so I'd be able to give you more scientific advice then. :p

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      An equation I've seen repeated on a few sites and in a few nutrition guides.

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      Lolz. Downvoting. I bet they're a fan of GNC.

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      Wasn't me =P