My mom thinks I'm fat

My mom told me I need to lose weight to fit into a dress, I wear a 4-6 for dresses, I'm 5'10" my waist is 29" and my hips are 40" and my chest is 38C. I think my weight is perfectly fine,how can I get her to see that. My doctor said I'm actually underweight, but my mom thinks I need to lose weight

I'm 130lbs. And I'm 5'10" my doctor said 160 would be better for my height


Most Helpful Guy

  • My mum thinks I'm fat lol, doesn't really bother me and it shouldn't for you either. My mum also has different understandings of clothes that do/don't fit me (e.gtops that are so small I can't move in without tearing, boxers that don't even cover my pubes and ass crack... don't take it too personal :)