My mom thinks I'm fat

My mom told me I need to lose weight to fit into a dress, I wear a 4-6 for dresses, I'm 5'10" my waist is 29" and my hips are 40" and my chest is 38C. I think my weight is perfectly fine,how can I get her to see that. My doctor said I'm actually underweight, but my mom thinks I need to lose weight

I'm 130lbs. And I'm 5'10" my doctor said 160 would be better for my height


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  • My mum thinks I'm fat lol, doesn't really bother me and it shouldn't for you either. My mum also has different understandings of clothes that do/don't fit me (e.gtops that are so small I can't move in without tearing, boxers that don't even cover my pubes and ass crack... don't take it too personal :)


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  • You don't tell us your weight..and maybe your are just out of shpe, and that makes mom think you're fat. But I'd take the doctor's opinion over hers.

    • That's pretty light ffor your height, for sure. Maybe mom is just saying you don't have much muscle tone.

  • I think they are both wrong, most likely.

    Why not focus on health? Become strong and fast with good endurance and your body will settle at a weight that's optimal for your build.

  • Your mum is afraid you will put on weight in the years to come. Just tell her that your weight is OK now and that is how you intend to stay for the rest of your life.

  • Just say, no, mom. The doctor went to medical school and thus, he is far more qualified to judge my weight.

  • Your mom is way off-base. You're a tall girl you need some more meat on those bones.

  • You sound really fine to me. Your mom is probably jealous tht she could never fit into that dress when she was younger lol


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  • Just be healthy. Eat right and exercise. Don't think too much about the numbers and ignore your mom. Moms aren't always right.

  • 130 lbs isn't much at all and your not too skinny either. Your weight certainley sounds healthy for your height.

    looking at your measurements, you could lose some weight, so you're not fat as your mom says. Maybe she just thinks your not working out enough and wants to encourage you to do that, to get more healthy

    • I run daily, so I think I'm active enough

  • Your mom is either a hater or she's trying to pass her eating disorder on to you. Don't fall for it.

  • "to fit into a dress"

    what size is the dress?