Why Do Men Grunt So Loud When Lifting Weights?

I work at a gym and it's so annoying. I get that you're picking up something heavy and a little noise is gonna come out but after a while its just gets ridiculous like they're making extra noise.


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  • Its to exaggerate the weight of something and give you the impression its heavier then it really is. Something I've found funny is when I've been in a mixed gender gym it happens more but in a completely guy gym I hardly ever hear it lol.

    sometimes the guy might want to try to impress other guys though, sometimes the noise is over the top. I've even seen an occassion where the employer had to tell the man to stop screaming

    • THANK YOU! exactly my point, cause there are only two guys here who are just way too much and there are big guys lifting the same weights and grunt to an extent, but not where it's dramatic and distracting to others. Like what steroid are you on and what girl are you trying to get notice you.

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    • :)

    • We have a winner! **confetti** lol

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  • Its not something heavy, its something your body is trying to stop you lifting, so you need to put in everything you have left inside you to be able to lift it, which suddenly results to a load grunt, it hurts to lift heavy weights your body don't want to lift, so some sort of expression is a reaction, I know it can be annoying, but there's no stopping it, even if we were asked to, it would be impossible to reduce, its just what happens when your maxing your strengths out, and if you tried to do all the press ups you could possibly do, then do one more, you would grunt also, its a reaction to the effort that gets put in,x

    • But there are guys here who seem like theyre taking some illegal supplement or something. Do you think that could be apart of them being extra about it? I don't know about your gym but there is one guy who is so loud it's like he thinks he's the only one in here where he's screaming bloody murder

    • These guys are trying to lift a weight that's to heavy for them, so because he has exaggerated his weight capability, he is over exaggerating his grunts, guys like this are seeking attention, and as far as they are concerned, the more noise must mean the more weight and effort they are putting in, and these guys should not be using a gym, you wouldn't see them grunt like this in a swimming pool.

  • LOL! You are funny.

  • I son't do it very loud but to me it's a mental thing. Kind of like a ritual when I'm lifting heavy weights (close to one rep max). It's not always a way to get girls' attention like others said at least for me since there's usually no girls at my gym. I actually do it without even thinking about it.

    Some also do it for adrenaline, but that is only when someone shouts out loud before a lift not just a grunt and some (or most, I don't know) do it for the attention.

    • Mine is unisex and some have huge egos so it kind a makes sense

    • My gym is also unisex, but not a lot of girls want to come to a rugged gym with most equipment being free weights, but I do understand what you mean. There's a lot of superficial people in gyms.

  • If I'm lifting something insanely heavy, I'm really not concerned with making noises. It's easy to stroll along on the treadmill wondering why they're making all that noise vs. actually struggling to get the weight up.

    It's a gym you're in and that's just part of the territory.

  • To breathe out properly and increase adrenaline flow for extra energy and power. Just like in martial arts and boxing, they make 'kias,' hissing sounds, etc.

  • I try not to. At the beginning of a workout I'll be relatively quiet. But as it goes on I get tired and need to use more energy...so something has to give lol

  • They want you to notice them; When I lift weights, I randomly start spewing poetry.

  • Same reason people make crazy sounds in martial arts. It provides a power boost. Not sure how it works, but it does.

  • Showing off.

  • Idk when I lift weights I usually have music in so I don't really notice but I've heard from my buddys that I can get pretty loud when I'm really pushing it, when I'm not listaning to music I don't at all though... apparently one time when I was going for my record I was blastin music and my buddy told me right before I got to the top I yelled out "YA BITCH?!" and the whole gym looked over and I was getting harsh dirty looks when I was done

    • ROTFLMAO aww, were you listening to Rap or something?

    • Tupac all day bby

    • I wish I was there that would have made my whole day

  • For the same reason people shout or swear when they hurt themselves. It releases chemicals inside the body, which help.

    Assuming you give birth at some point in your life, I'd love to see a Doctor tell you to stop moaning and shut up and keep quiet while you're struggling...

    • Nah I've worked there for 3 years and there are PLENTY of men there in good shape who are not so loud that half the gym is stopping what they are doing to stare at this fool making excessive noise. There is a difference btwn releasing tension and sounding like you're cumming. If you're struggling that much you shouldn't be straining your body with weights you can't handle yet. It's just good ettiquete. So many gyms frown upon this some even have siren if you're too much. so you can control yourself

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  • Lol, they're so dramatic! They used to do that at the gym I worked at all the time! I thought it was funny. Sometimes the grunts were really hot and I'd just tell myself "I'm gonna make a man grunt like that one dy :)"