Why Do Men Grunt So Loud When Lifting Weights?

I work at a gym and it's so annoying. I get that you're picking up something heavy and a little noise is gonna come out but after a while its just gets ridiculous like they're making extra noise.


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  • Its to exaggerate the weight of something and give you the impression its heavier then it really is. Something I've found funny is when I've been in a mixed gender gym it happens more but in a completely guy gym I hardly ever hear it lol.

    sometimes the guy might want to try to impress other guys though, sometimes the noise is over the top. I've even seen an occassion where the employer had to tell the man to stop screaming

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      THANK YOU! exactly my point, cause there are only two guys here who are just way too much and there are big guys lifting the same weights and grunt to an extent, but not where it's dramatic and distracting to others. Like what steroid are you on and what girl are you trying to get notice you.

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      We have a winner! **confetti** lol