myTakes: How Do I Look?


You're Fat - Stop Making Up Excuses!

Here are the top 3 things that I hear from my overweight friends, that really get under my skin! 1. I'm on a diet- *eats pizza and drinks diet coke* Why are you surprised that you're not losing weight? Educate yourself,...


Please share your Thoughts Here

They say big things comes in small packages. Often the things that have the most value or quality are small; the size of something does not always properly indicate its value. This picture may make us laugh but there is...


It's Not "JUST" Hair

Anyone who says, "it's just hair," should talk to actress Keri Russel about the fall out after she famously chopped off her long bouncing curls between seasons of her late 90's tv show Felicity. Fans of the show went...


Attractive In Real Life But Ugly In Photos

All it takes is as little as one internet photo, for a person to decide whether they will put forth the effort into speaking to you or not. How many of you have snapped a photo only to realize that it is not an accurate...


Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty; what is beauty? Is it something that everyone is running after? Or simply something that makes you wanna keep on staring at? Or something that gets one's attention? Hmmmmm it's hard to tell... The quote which is...


More of the Hottest Women in the World, Part 2



Why Do You Need Other People to Tell You How You Look?

Life lesson number 101: you have to get it into your skull that it doesn't matter if people out in the world or the internet consider you attractive or not if you don't have any self-worth or confidence in yourself to...


10 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Turkish Women

1) Melis & Deniz 2) Ipek Yayla Yeah I know she looks like Avril; I noticed before. 3) Hazal Kaya 4) Miray Akay (she looks like Arya Stark haha) 5) Tuba Buyukuston 6) Beren Saat 7) Farah Abdullah 8) Ozlem...


Does Everyone Have to be Muscular to be Considered Attractive?

For the past 15 years or so, there has been a desire for a muscular/athletic figure. For women, this means having a very low body fat percentage (women naturally have a higher body fat percentage than men, for biological...


To The Petite, Flat-Chested Women: Yes, You're Sexy!

It's disheartening to see all these posts about petite women insecure with their bodies. Bigger women also have the same insecurities, and by these super strict modern standards, you just can't win. I think, truth be...


Examples of Women I Consider Curvy

There seems to be a huge "curvy" debate here on GAG. The truth is, the term curvy to some degree is subjective. I think curvy is a body shape, not a size. So yes, this means a girl can be thin, and curvy. Yes, a girl can...


I Asked People to Rate My Looks and This is What Happened

Ask me to describe myself. One of the adjectives I'd use is "confident." Not confident in a blatant, outright prideful kind of way, but I feel as though I am proud of who I am, what I believe, the people I am blessed with...


Why Guys Don't Like My New Lip Injections

Injections seem to be on the rise, and with celebrities adding subtle enhancements to give their pouts a bombshell look, I decided to try the injections myself for the same results. Unfortunately in the real world, I...


Is Publicly Doubting Your Physical Appearance Really The Way Forward?

Good evening friends; Around two years ago (before the "How do I look?" category even existed), I asked random strangers on this website how they thought I looked. Why? Because I was insecure about my physical appearance...


Guys: How To Look More Attractive!

You can't change how ugly you naturally are but you can definitely improve your looks. And possibly even look like the guy above! 👆👆👆👆 Here are some easy ways to be look less ugly! 1. Shower This one is one of the...


Beauty Standards in Scandinavia - Tall, slim, elegant

Beauty standards may be different. In some countries. When I saw this video, first thing I said was "so what about Norway, Sweden or Denmark" as a scandinavian culture lover. So I...


Girls should not change the way they look or dress just for guys!

It seems like a ton of guys these days are always telling a girl she has to work out more or wear makeup or just change their look just so they can date them. And I say fuck that. Some guys are looking like potatoes and...


You Don't Really Need To Be Great Looking To Be Considered So, Maximizing Looks And Grooming Is Totally A Thing.

Just dont have features of doom and ur good to go examples: Men: Women: So basically, if you are above average looking (which frankly a lot of nay sayers on this site are in a real life scenario) with very few...


Struggles Of Being Very Hairy Guy

Body hair in general is a creepy thing. Unless it's minimal amount and what and average human gross it is fine and is worth fighting against. But once you are in the category of overly hairy man , the never ending pain...


To Be Too Skinny

I'm skinny. I get it. But what most people don't understand is calling me a stick does the same thing to my self esteem as if you tell a girl who is overweight that she looks like an orange. Most people don't realize how...


For men and women: What does beauty mean to you?

Dedicated to men and women: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if that eye belonged to us? Would we see our own beauty? Every flaw that covers your body, every scratch and scar and scab and blemish; would...


The Secret of Being Attractive

So I've been browsing around here and have found so many questions about 'is this pretty?' or 'du guys/girls like this?' First of all, I know how nice it is to have some support and have someone tell you that it does look...


Being called cute VS "hot"

I absolutely hate being called cute because I associate cute little puppies and kids. I told my friend and she said that being called cute is a good thing. I feel like in society though everybody wants to be "hot". Some...


Why I Hated-& Continue To Hate-My Body

I looked in the mirror. Long, red-blonde hair, collarbone on fleek, big breasts, tight tummy, curvy, toned butt & legs. Blue eyes quivered; I hated myself. Why couldn't I be beautiful enough? ~ Constantly looking in the...


Much Ado About Good Looking People

It makes so much logical sense, and yet it's the most suprising and confusing thing when good looking people are often so insecure even if they act full of themselves. Let's explore this "phenomenon." The Poor Hate Their...


Small Breast Shaming

Hi everyone, I have 34C breasts which cause me to feel self conscious. I have never usually had problems with body confidence and never considered myself to have 'small' breasts until a friend pointed them out. I am a...


You do not have to love your imperfections!

We hear it all the time, the spiel about how you have to love your imperfections. They make you you! They give you character! They make you human! We all have them! These things may be true, but you really don't have to...


A video that will get you to love yourself This video will open your eyes to just the beauty you posses naturally and not something you'd have to carve on your fave to seem more appealing.


Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

#1 Rock Hudson Rock Hudson was the epitome of the straight, masculine movie star of the '50s and '60s. Urban legend holds that in his prime, Rock was so handsome that one out of every 10 American men turned gay just by...


The Physically Strong Female: Gross or Goddess?

Most people have a pretty clear idea of what they think of a woman with muscles. "Eeewwww, gross" is a common phrase uttered upon seeing a picture like the one here: I completely understand... However, I think we dismiss...


Short people problems/perks

Well I'm 5'4 and I have officially declared migithood. Short people problems 1. When you can't reach the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets and have to try to use your long arms to put stuff away but can't get it back...


The Truth About Being Ugly

Everyone is beautiful in there own special way! Sorry that's a lie; there is no such thing as everyone is beautiful, there is a set standard of what beauty is, and not everyone meets that standard, from body type, to...


The Double Standard, No one wants to talk about!

(Disclaimer: If you are highly sensitive this may not be the myTake for you, these are my views. Also this is not a men bashing thread so if you are wagging pitchforks, wag them somewhere else.) OK look above. I have...


18 Gorgeous Female Celebrities over the age of 30

The reason why I was inspired to do this myTake was that for the past few months that I spent on Gag, I’ve seen many male opinions saying that women in their 30’s and up were “deteriorated” “Unattractive” and “past their...


Most Beautiful 20 Indian Women

20. Bipasha Basu 19. Kareena Kapoor 18. Sonam Kapoor 17. Freida Pinto 16. Alia Bhatt 15. Anushka Sharma 14. Kangana Ranaut 13. Karishma Kapoor 12. Raveena Tandon 11. Katrina Kaif 10. Asin 9. Madhuri Dixit...


Fair Play: Confessions of an Attention Whore

This myTake is dedicated to @PeachSunset, who inspired me to write this. I hope you don't mind me giving you credit!! Ok, so maybe I'm an attention whore, just like 89.9999% of women on this site. But, props to me for...


Why I am Happy with my Body

There's something I don't understand. Among all this body positivity shit you have people asking questions. Things like "what's your favourite body type?" "What's your dream body?" "If you could have any body, what would...


Skinny Shaming Is Real

** I don't intend to offend anyone in any way ** I know fat shaming is a thing. Something important that is relevant to society now. But I think the fact that we're focusing on supporting those girls that are a little...


Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Advantages, Disadvantages: Let's Talk About Breasts!

Just a little Take about boobs! I hope you'll see a little of the humour, but Are my breasts too small? My breasts are so big! It makes me sad!I don't like the way my breasts look- what to do?Should I have a breast...


You are beautiful because you say so!

I'm sure you've heard that some guys like girls who "don't know they're beautiful" and that, this fact, makes them even more beautiful. And I'm sure you've even listened to songs that say: "You don't know you're...