What It Means To Be A Good Traditional Wife

What is means to be a good traditional wife (my humble thoughts)

Commit for life

Trust that you chose the right man. After you've chosen the man you will marry, commit to the marriage for life. Recognize that people and relationships change and evolve and your job is to stay committed through it all. You made a vow, a promise to him.

Support and encourage

Use your influence to lift him up. Avoid nagging and criticizing. Encourage him to reach his goals and be the best man he can be.

Submit and obey

Allow him to take the lead where necessary. A strong smart man can make the best decision for his family. Surrender to him and trust that he will make the best decision for you.

Put him first

Recognize your role as wife (and mother) and put your family before yourself. Keep him in mind when making decisions.


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  • This entire take constitutes the man being an actual man: a leader, protector, provider, principled, disciplined, educated, motivated, and faithful.

    In addition, a woman needs to make sure that a man holds all of these qualities, just as she must hold the qualities you hold.

    At the same time, a man must recognize that his wife trusts him, she's not a door mat, but rather, while leading, he should be able to consult her, to make sure his decisions are truly the right ones. When they become married, they are two halves of a whole, each with their own function and role to play. one half leads, the other supports. One supports, the other nurtures. One protects, the other consoles.

    Great post, careful, saying stuff like this brings out the so called "tolerant" liberals


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  • I like the traditional relationship values and principles. I'm somewhat traditional myself, though not to the extreme. I definitely agree with what you said about commitment to each other as well as supporting and encouraging him. Those are important and of great value to me in my relationships, personally.

    As for "submit and obey." I'm not sure I would use those exact words for myself, but I understand what you were trying to say. I don't mind letting the man take the lead, but I still have a voice in the relationship and I would trust him to respect that and value my opinions when he makes decisions. Regarding your last point, the man and the woman should each put each other first and always put the family unit as a whole before themselves.

    There are different levels of being traditional. I mentioned that I consider myself to be traditional but probably not to the same level as you are and that's totally okay. Everyone is different and I respect the fact that some women are more or less traditional than I am. I've noticed that it seems to be a common thing for some women who aren't traditional to attack or belittle those who are and that's something that annoys me. I don't think anyone should be attacked just because they choose a different lifestyle for themselves.


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  • Submit and obey? Screw that. I don't want somebody who will submit and obey. I want a human being not a pet or a slave. No. A good woman will not submit and obey and put me first blindly every time. She will think things out clearly and know when it is or isn't appropriate. She will call me out on it when my logic is flawed or what I'm asking her is unreasonable. She will have pride and self respec. Not be a dog or a slave.

  • Well reminds me of the Victorian Age.
    Girls are different nowadays.
    To be honest totally different.
    A girl can commit for life and encourage but she can't submit and obey and always put him first every time. She is bound to have different opinion and it is not always the guy who is right. A happy married life is one in which a girl "doesn't obey" but "compromise".
    It is not good to make another person an important decision that could change your life too.
    Also in any situation everyone has his ideas. The culmination of the mother and father's ideas is the best for the family normally.
    Also she needs to tell her husband what he has done wrong so that he can become a better person. Also when someone tells you why he is angry you know how to make that person happy otherwise you keep on cursing yourself for hurting the other person's feelings.

  • Excellent mytake! Basically, think of someone other than yourself. Great advice in any relationship. The narcissistic trolls who disagree with this will never be in a real relationship, unless they change and actually think of someone other than themselves lol.

    • Wow thanks :)

    • You can be a wonderful girlfriend or wife without "submitting and obeying." I disagree with that point, does that really make me a narcissistic troll?

    • I think a lot of people confuse trust with being a doormat. The two are nowhere close to being linked.

  • @05Jueey

    It's a good take. However I would like to give my view:

    1. I dislike people with a traditional mindset.

    2. I want to ask you a question. I agree with your points, it's perfect but then why can't a modern and highly principled woman have the thinking that you have mentioned in your question? is it a possibility? can a woman be highly modern ( looks and thinking wise) yet have the kind of thinking you have mentioned, can such woman also be highly principled?

    Hope you understood my question?

    • All I got from that was that you dislike traditional people. That means you dislike me. What a stupid thing to dislike a person over

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    • @Pat8707 I'm not the one that tell to submit men in marriage. You're the only radical and misogynistic here.

    • @Elis678 "Radical feminists seek to abolish patriarchy by challenging existing social norms and institutions, rather than through a purely political process."
      I never said that I support this. I said that if a woman actually wants it, then why not? Is your purpose to stop people from doing what they want simply because you disagree with them? If so, that's more controlling than anything I've said all day. Ad hominem attacks won't work against me, and it won't win the argument for you.

  • Wow this is so outdated

  • Sounds like a sentence of lifetime of torture, agony and pain.

    Commit for life - How can anyone feel happy and okay when they know they are trapped or attached with someone else. Happiness comes from freedom.

    Support and encourage - Admit it there are lot of dumbs and doofs out there, encourage them and they will annoy more, and people with outdated traditions are usually dumbs and morons who can not accept change.

    Submit and obey = Seriously, she is a women and my wife, she ain't no slave, and on around 10% of men out there are smart and strong, you cannot avoid democracy there.

    Put him first = like a women does not have a brain of her own and has no freedom to choose, she is an object and belongs to one man or other.

    Being a good traditional wife is a bullshit, I would happily divorce such brainless, a submissive minion.

    • What a pessimist lol

    • thanks I would gladly be a pessimist, then one of those dicks bound with stupid social norms. Not unless she want to live such a life, then she is not my type.

  • This is great take. As long as your husband treats you kindly there is nothing wrong with submission.

    • that's just the thing though. IF he treats you well. Ya if he does it's all fun and games but if he doesn't this take is god awful advice. This is I think why people are bothered by it. It gives one fits all advice, that in some situation can be very destructive

    • @nalaa. Submitting doesn't mean allowing him to abuse and misuse his influence over you. It means trusting him when the deck is stacked against him. So when there is a problem and he comes to you for advice, you don't nag, you don't try and control the situation, you state your opinion and trust That he will make the best decision concerning your family. And if his decision doesn't come to fruition as he planned you don't say "I told you so" you offer support and suggest looking at the problem from a new angle. Submission to your husband is not a bad thing. It doesn't make you inferior. And if somehow you do find yourself in a abusive situation submission dictates that you say "hey, I don't feel safe. We need to work on A, B, and C." if that means calling the police do so. If that means putting space between y'all do so. Your safety should be the most importance to anyone in That position of control.

  • Actually I think everything is quite on point, besides the submit and obey. At least I would like my wife to make it known if she thinks that my decision is bad. As well 1,2, and 4 should apply to the man. Both of you should commit, support, and put the family first and think of the other whilst making decisions. Marriage is all about working things out together, not letting the other take control of everything.

  • I disagree on submit and obey marriage is two persons becoming one it's jot who's the strongest and who must obey the other it's about u listen to her and she listens to u

  • wait this is not the status quo politically correct ideals of 2015 !

    Triggered I am triggered !! quick some one get me to a safe space right now !!!

    nah kidding nice point of view

  • I like everything except "submit and obey". I don't think there's anything wrong with having a leader in the relationship but I wouldn't want her to just blindly obey. I'd want input and to be told if I'm wrong about something.

    Otherwise I do kinda like the idea of a traditional girl, one who hasn't slept around and doesn't party all the time.

  • You forgot the most important thing of being a good wife: control the family finances.

    Maybe it's just limited to some East Asia countries but generally the 1st thing the husband does is to hand over his bank book and let his wife do the managing. Of course, being the man of the house, he gets to make the 'important' decisions like a CEO. The wife will, of course, fulfill her duty as the CFO and keep the CEO from running lose with his grand ideas.

    • Exactly, the wife runs the household. The Husband builds it, the wife maintains it

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    • Oh no, it's not about married into money. Its about controlling the family. Asian housewife are believed to be very frugal. They would cut down costs like a CFO raising funds. Men, on the other hand, are believed to be lose with money; buddies, booze, babes.

      Of course, now we have shoes and other women's products so the line is a little blurry. Women shopping can get expanse, fast.

    • I managed the money and finances when I was married. My husband gladly handed over his cheques to me for 12 years. We shared bank accounts though so we both saw where the money was going.

  • I prefer a more modern approach with a tad-bit of old fashioned thinking. As in, I wouldn't want her to be what amounts to my servant BUT she'd be the supportive and nurturing one while I'd be the dominant and leading one. A perfect symbiosis.

    • so you would not be supportive and nurturing... how would that make you a good husband?

    • @Azara I didn't intend to imply I wouldn't be supportive in and of itself. What I meant by what I wrote was that I'd play the mostly leading role and she'd play the supporting role. Unless she would seriously want to, I'd make the serious decisions BUT I would consult her every time. As in, rely on her support to make those decisions.

  • Was going to say complementarainism but then got to three and had a head due to an imaginary face palm.

  • I like how people come here just to bash it. You critics are really the sole reason why marriage is falling the developed nations. Also it is the reason why most men that still favors this are actually traveling to nations where it the development has never reached our levels yet, or had just become developed since the women living there knows what it is like to have men mistreat them, or ladies mistreat them so good luck with your single lives for the rest of the time on this Planet.

  • Sounds very 19th century.

  • Sounds like a near perfect marriage if it works both ways.


  • All women are instinctively the same. Better to stay single bros

  • You forgot to add in the support section that supporting means staying with the husband in the GOOD AND BAD times. But with the 50%+ divorce rate where women in general INITIATE divorce, it's a scam. Not a wise economical deal. It's like a business. You build your business for 25 years then have a co owner he or she leaves your business within two years and takes 50% of assets. Some deal right? by the way, the marriage certificates that go to the state and get signed are viewed and signed as a BUSINESS contract. They see it as a business. Oh, almost forgot that prenups can be nullified in divorce courts. Some food for thought. Truth hurts but it's reality. Do some research and observe married people vs bachelors. Listen to the guy who is married and barely gets sex and is miserable. Hear it everywhere.

  • I was always opposed to most of these "traditional" stuff.

    • This isn't even traditional. It's courtly love from the Victorian era.

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    • Traditional relationships involve both the man and the woman working their asses off and living in squalor, always on the brink of destitution.

    • That depends on the couple.

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  • I am not trying to be disrespectful of your views but I don't agree with this take at all. I think being a good wife is being an equal team player who expects the same amount of effort to be returned by her husband. But, if this is what you prefer then by all means go for it, but seeing as comments are enabled I am inclined to disagree.

  • Submit and obey my ass. I trust my brain enough to make big and best decisions for myself. I don't need a guy to lead me. And if a strong man can make the best decisions for his family, a strong women can make the best decisions for hers. It's ridiculous that a grown ass woman would surrender herself and be at the mercy of her husband.

    This is so antiquated. These actions had to be done when women couldn't do much for themselves because they often didn't have jobs and therefore couldn't provide for themselves outside of marriage. However, women are, for the most part, financially freed. So, we don't have to be a doll living in a doll house for a guy.

  • I think given as you've done it, this awful advice. Unfortunately not all men are saints and all men can deal with power, many in fact abuse it. I said it in another comment, this is all fine IF he treats you well. But even he doesn't all this put him first and submit stuff is terrible advice. To the point that it's actually dangerous. You might say it goes without saying, but it doesn't. Many people have trouble telling an abusive relationship apart from a healthy one, especially if they're in it.

    I also strongly disagree that you should never criticize someone. There's a time and place of course, but if you criticize someone it's not because you hate but because you want to be better.
    And as someone on this site recently pointed out, shutting down criticism is a very nazi thing to do

  • When and why is leadership necessary in relationships? if someone felt the need to lead me, I wouldn't feel respected. I would also question his intentions because why would he need to be with a woman that he needs to lead?

    I can't help but laugh at the idea that people actually think there are situations and scenarios in relationships where one person needs to be a leader.

    I'm also not sure why being faithful and supportive is limited to traditional, pretty sure people who aren't traditional could be that way as well.

  • You can submit and obey to your husband, juuey, but I fucking refuse to do that. We have fought for equal rights all these decades, and i sure as hell not going to throw all that out the Windows and just "submit and obey" to my husband. Sounds like the life of an oppressed Muslim woman who wears burqas and has to stay home raising 27 kids with your husband's 7 other wives... Kids whose. names your husband can't even remember anyway. Nope, not the life i want for me. I know i have too much pride and i know i am too strong of a woman to be opressed like that. My husband should know this, and should know to use my stregth to our family's advantage, and that is by respect ing me as his equal.

    I have long noticed you like things traditional, juey, despite US not knowing each other. And good for you if it works for you. But if you would just stop showing this thing that i think is very old fashioned and only-for-weak-women idea of family life in my face, that would be great. You don't like people arguing with your ideals, the. Stop showing your ideals in people's faces. It's just like when Christians or Muslims or vegans keep showing their beliefs in other people's faces. It makes me shit from being neutral, "live and let live", to disliking the idea even more and disliking the people more.

    • I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, unlike you. No idea where you got that from.

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    • This is a website where people express themselves and ask questions about their interests. Nothing us being shoved in your face. You choose to keep on responding. That's not my problem

    • Just saying girl. I'm also expressing myself here.

  • Oh my god people are such babies. It's not like you're saying "You HAVE to do this to be a good wife." You're just giving the BASICS of your "traditional" House wife, which in reality, is very accurate. Obviously not everyone has too/wants to conform to this, but to those who WANT too, this is a reasonable list.

    And as for the "Submit and obey" thing that everyone in particular seems to be getting upset about, I think of it as from my big fat Greek wedding. "The husband may be the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head any way she wants."
    Which basically I think means in the end he is the one making the "official" Decision, but there is no reason a woman can't strongly suggest a certain decision.

    • Thanks girl

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    • @GirlsLie I wasn't being defensive, it was snippy. I was being snippy because I get agitated when someone sits there asking the same thing repetitively, which by the way, never once did you actually ask THAT.
      And some people do choose it, because that's just what they want. They believe in the gender roles, and everything else. It's like asking "why do you like oranges better then apples?". It's just what they want and enjoy. I can't give an example as to why people choose it, I don't want it. I want a partnership as I believe you said. (You've made your own assumptions).

    • "I wasn't being defensive, it was snippy. I was being snippy because I get agitated when someone sits there asking the same thing repetitively, which by the way, never once did you actually ask THAT."

      Actually you were "snippy" the FIRST time that I asked, so you can forget the repetitive part.

      "never once did you actually ask THAT."

      This was my first reply "I just don't understand why one person would get a "final" say in a relationship. Or why someone has to "strongly suggest" something. Why can't you just both have equal opinions." That was a question, I was opening it for discussion pretty much.

      I haven't made any assumptions about you personally, I asked why things should be enforced because of a gender, why is someone happy being the "suggester" and why is someone else ok with being the leader of another adult. That's a little different than "hey what kind of fruit do you like".

  • And that's why I'm not a traditional person, haha. To each their own. If that kind of marriage will make someone happy, then by all means, I hope they have it! Definitely holds no appeal to me, though.

  • I just have one question, since when does a traditional marriage (or relationship) involve your significant other having another girlfriend? You said here that you like a traditional relationship and you've mentioned in past question that your boyfriend has another girlfriend, so how is a polyamorous relationship even remotely traditional?

    Look, I'm not judging you. I'm just curious.

  • why is being traditional ';good'?

    im really asking. i see a lot o stuff on, one about whether someone is traditional or not rational or what means.. but now hat you have how to be a good traditional wife. i want to know why yo think it is the good thing to do?

    people will say i believe such and such bc im traditional but that does not explain anything. it does not explain why being traditional is what one should aspire to.

    i mean the world moves forward. im not sure why saying back in the past is logical. aren't we supposed to evolve as a species and become better than we were. not try to stay as we are?

  • I agree with the first two and to put the family first, but submit and obey... that's pretty sick. o. O
    Any person who is an adult should be able to make their decisions on their own - and if they're a part of a family - all together...

  • "Submit and obey while my boyfriend goes to fuck his side bitch."


    Can't argue with that, love, having multiple wives and concubines without you having any say in it was indeed very traditional.

    Congratulations on being historically accurate there.👍

  • Hello, time warp.

    I get the feeling you are in a relationship where your needs are not being met because you have no voice. Did you actually want to be in a polyamorous relationship, or did your husband just decide that sex with you had gotten boring?

    • My boyfriend is very concerned with my feelings. he's constantly checking in with me

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    • Well, enjoy being a doormat, then.

  • "Surrender to him and trust that he will make the best decision for you."

    I have a mind of my own and I'm very capable of making my own decisions.

    I prefer a more equal and more balanced approach to relationships.


    • That "equality wheel" looks suspiciously out of the Duluth model for domestic violence.

  • Change the title to "How to be a mindless puppet"

    • (Based almost entirely on #3 and #4)
      Contrary to traditionalists belief: women should not ALWAYS put themselves last. There should be times where she is put first.

      with that said, everyone should have point 1&2.

  • 'Submit and obey'

    What year is it, 1923? Everybody has their preferences, but wow

    • Actually, that shit was already over with in 1923.

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    • @Transigence I think you are wrong.
      Women were still very much forced into being a house mom who obeyed her husband and stayed home and made babies even in the 1950's.


      "Stay-at-Home Moms
      This was also the era of the "happy homemaker." For young mothers in the 1950s, domesticity was idealized in the media, and women were encouraged to stay at home if the family could afford it. Women who chose to work when they didn't need the paycheck were often considered selfish, putting themselves before the needs of their family. "

      And here's something that's very telling about being expected to obey...
      "Decades of Childbearing
      But even for happy homemakers, pressures were mounting. In a departure from previous generations, it was no longer acceptable for a wife to shut her husband out of the bedroom. "

    • "The "M. R. S." Degree
      In the 1950s, women felt tremendous societal pressure to focus their aspirations on a wedding ring. The U. S. marriage rate was at an all-time high and couples were tying the knot, on average, younger than ever before. Getting married right out of high school or while in college was considered the norm. A common stereotype was that women went to college to get a "Mrs." (pronounced M. R. S.) degree, meaning a husband. Although women had other aspirations in life, the dominant theme promoted in the culture and media at the time was that a husband was far more important for a young woman than a college degree. Despite the fact that employment rates also rose for women during this period, the media tended to focus on a woman's role in the home. If a woman wasn't engaged or married by her early twenties, she was in danger of becoming an "old maid." "

      In short, it can be inferred that women were still considered vastly inferior and listened to their husbands mindlessly.

  • I'm pretty sure my husband would divorce me if I ever started to just "submit and obey" instead of being a partner and asking questions

  • Why not just say be his bloody servant? Sorry I dated someone for almost a year, doing backflips for them to be what they want and it wasn't enough, I wasn't enough and they couldn't control me even though I was whipped. Sorry this take it's nice but I don't like what's posted about the Submit and Obey part, that's bullshit.

  • interesting take... but wait..."submit and obey" O_O!!!

  • I wouldn't mind this. It feels nice to be feminine and submit to your husband who knows what he's doing and has his bests interests out for you. I wish more men were traditional and protective over their women.

  • I don't think a lot of girls understand you "submit and obey" point. I think perhaps you should've changed it to "surrender to his leadership" a lot of girls take the words you used wrongly because they don't know what you meant.

    • That's ok if people disagree but I truly mean submit and obey

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    • Fair enough. I choose to obey regardless

    • That's your choice! But the Bible actually doesn't command that. Not what obey means in English at least.

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