Why do men pretend to be into you, when it's not really the case?

They full your head up with this and that ( I love you,I want to be with you lets do this lets go here and there, I promise this and that what's with all the bullshit?


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  • One time they're into you, next time not. But it has nothing to do with you sweety. That's why I have decided to never let myself fall for anyone again, till I'm 40, so I could enjoy my life without losing every minute of happiness. My quote is just like Sam's from Sex and the city "The best relationship is the one you have with yourself, and if you find someone, well that's just fabulous." Don't let anybody tell you something, unless they prove it with actions. Because actions do speak louder than words. ah I'm just dealing with similar situation ur describing there, wish I could help you though :(


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  • Actually, out of anyone who's showed fake interest, it's been the girls. I had a girlfriend tell another guy how much she was in love with him; she had told me the same thing two days earlier.

    Most good men won't usually lie about this sort of thing. Boys may do it, but good men (not your "dogs") generally don't, just as great women don't do it.

    I had a few girls flirt with me just to be mean in high school. Otherwise I was ignored.

  • because they want to get you in the first place.

    and then afterwards are afterwards problem.

    sorry, it's quit awful

    but if they really like you, they'll go steady afterwards :)


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  • Must say that I've experienced it too!

    One minute they adore you, and the next they don't. I've found that men like that simply don't know what they want. And you know what? You're better off without them! Let them figure out who and what they want on their own! I know that if a guy proclaims love and marriage proposals after the first date one needs to run a mile, as they are either nuts, or just don't have a clue about how they feel.

    I really think guys who are like that are seriously immature and they really need to grow up! If they can't control their emotions, then god knows what else they can't control! One day you'll find a steady guy, who has passed the immaturity stage and knows what he wants, and that'll be you!

    Till then all I can say is join the queue and wait for that prince charming. Good luck!

  • Well are you sure you're not just reeling from being dumped?

    And often times, guys hate being "the bad guy" when a relationship ends, so they'll tell you what you want to hear because that's easy, and in reality do what they want anyway. I always live by "Actions Speak Louder Than Words"

  • Well of course girl you shouldnt even ask that question look who you are talkin about. men are going to men you must have somethin they want.

  • Exactly, As a grown female I can agree to sex just for the sex. I don't need to be lied to, if that's what 2 people agree to then that's fine. However, when a man with no game decides his game is to f*** and lie about how he cares about you then that's just playing with your head. Guys a woman can take "just sex" You don't got to be a lying f***ing idiot.

  • I'll join the girls club on this one. Happened to me too when I least expected it :(

  • It happened to me too. It's what they feel one moment but they can't get that feeling until they feel it COMPLETELY.