Why do men pretend to be into you, when it's not really the case?

They full your head up with this and that ( I love you,I want to be with you lets do this lets go here and there, I promise this and that what's with all the bullshit?


Most Helpful Girl

  • One time they're into you, next time not. But it has nothing to do with you sweety. That's why I have decided to never let myself fall for anyone again, till I'm 40, so I could enjoy my life without losing every minute of happiness. My quote is just like Sam's from Sex and the city "The best relationship is the one you have with yourself, and if you find someone, well that's just fabulous." Don't let anybody tell you something, unless they prove it with actions. Because actions do speak louder than words. ah I'm just dealing with similar situation ur describing there, wish I could help you though :(