I'm not pretty so why do men like me?

Ok I'm not the stereotypical pretty girl that looks like she could be in videos and magazines and I don't even look like the girls that guys consider hot. actually I'm kind of ugly. lol I'll be honest I don't have the money to really look good and I don't put a lot of effort into it I'll admit. so do guys really care that much about personality or do they assume that ugly girls are easy so they pretend to like me? by the way I am NOT easy (dont have casual sex) I just find myself mistrusting guys intentions because you know we're told that men are visual creatures and that looks come first so if you don't have the looks what else is it? can a guy really fall for a girl if she's not attractive if he likes her personality? I thought those girls were just friends. inform me


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  • ill answer your question with question - do you think I am good looking? some people tell me I am but I don't believe lol I bet its the same case with u.

    • lol how do you not think you're good looking? you're really attractive and I'm not just saying that. I would have thought you would be one of those guys that "knows" he's good looking lol

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    • ty for BA :D

    • Most guys don't get oral sex much from their partners. Most women don't like to give it to them even if there hot guys. Its really the deciding factor for why guys like certain women.

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  • Im wondering what would you call "hot"

    Because if your looking at magazines to find out what guys like you need another place to look..

    It takes 6 hours of makup and 2 computers to make girls in magazins look like they do.. So don't compare yourself to them.. And I have never seen a girl in them id call hot.. To fony

    And yes personality is a big thing to a lot of guys..

  • You're probably one of those hot chicks with a warped self view. For some reason, an inordinate amount of hot girls don't think they're hot. Though, to be fair, an equally inordinate number of ugly chicks think they're hot, so I guess it evens out.

    • no, no, I'm not hot by any stretch of the world. I have an average face and I'm overweight. I have a pretty accurate self view that's why I don't understand why men like me

    • Well apparently they're all seeing something that you aren't, so I'd venture a guess that your view might be slightly off. Then again, average girls get approached way more than really hot girls do, they're less intimidating to guys.

    • hmm I don't know maybe?

  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    i don't think I'm good looking but some girls have said I'm cute etc.

    may be the same case for you, also we are usually a lot harder on ourselves than other people are

  • I might have the answer- is it just your face that you think isn't pretty? I mean do you have a nice body?

    • nope. my face is OK but not that great and my body isn't good at all. that's why I can't figure it out.

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    • no, I'm pretty conservative and I doubt I give off dtf vibes. I don't even talk about sex with guys. I don't have low confidence though, I know I sounded like a downer talking about how ugly I am, but overall I have friends and try to make the most of life. some of the guys are unattractive, some are kinda cute and a few are even good looking that is what surprises me. I don't know maybe even though I seem like a good girl they think about turning me into a freak or something? lol

    • Maybe, I think I'm getting that vibe from you haha. There's nothing wrong with become a freak you just have to try and keep it classy. ;D

  • Because stereotypical pretty girls are not attractive, and you most possibly are.

    "Men" are just as visual as you are, by the way.

    • stereotypical pretty girls are beautiful. I know what I look like, trust me no guy would look at me and think I'm hot.

    • That's what you think. You should look at real girls once in a while who aren't photoshopped. They're more attractive, even with some flaws here and there.

  • We're not all pigs.


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