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What does it mean when a guy talks about marriage?

he says he needs a wife. says it would be nice to have somebody to sleep next to, do his laundry, etc. I once told him how I've wanted to see baby... Show More

Girls, I dated him last year, we had to break up due to other people. It was complicated. I've known him 2 years & been in love with him for one. We're really good friends now & we communicate everyday. Does that change your perspective a little?

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  • Maybe he could be interested in you, or he just really wants somebody there for him haha. Is he just saying things that he'd like you to hear or is he just really lonely? See if he keeps mentioning things like that with other things you say or if he just says that about anything in general. I hope this helps a little :)!

    • Haha weird right?! yeah he usually just says it in general when he's about to go to bed or he's doing laundry or he's hungry. keeps saying he wants to get engaged.. um so I don't know what's going on in his head. don't know if he's talking about me, or being married in general haha

    • I just read your update! Hmmm maybe this means he could be hinting at something? When you guys were dating, did you ever talk about settling down and things like that? Perhaps he might want to give it another go or alternatively, he could just be thinking of you as a really close friend.~

    • I'm not one to get caught up in guys and their lines lol yes we used to talk about having kids and settling down and stuff.

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  • it just depends on the guy. my boyfriend talks about marriage in stuff all the time but he doesn't want to be married for a very longggg time...

  • I call that a "panty-dropping" line. He is totally sweet-talking you in hopes you will have sex with him. I don't know that guys are insincere when they say stuff like this, but they certainly can say these things without having put much thought into them. Then, once they have you on the hook they may well start reminiscing about their freedom and being able to sleep with whomever they want.So, advice, enjoy his flirtation but date him a long time before you judge how sincere he is about wanting a wife and being able to settle down. Oh, and don't drop your panties until you are sure.

    • I agree. Don't look much into it.

    • Your update doesn't change my perspective. You say a lot about how you feel, but you don't know how he feels. My advice still holds. Go ahead and date him but don't fall for the common belief that a guy who talks about marriage is serious and won't do you wrong. As long as you can keep yourself from jumping into bed with him and really look at how he treats you while dating for a long time, you will be fine.

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