Want to become his concubine/Mistress- how would you react?

I'm well educated, have an excellent job, hear I'm beautiful all the time. I want a no strings attached, physical relationship with an older man that caught my eye. He looks seriously interested in me (flirting, eye contact, touch etc.). I do not want marriage/children & am able to be totally independent (been married, divorced, been there done that- not my cup of tea). So my question to the guys are (preferably 30 years & up): As a representative of the male population, how will you react if a lady you like, straight out tells you she wants you with no strings attached? Is it sexy/slutty or totally unacceptable?


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  • Absolutely no strings attached...?

    Sounds tempting, but honestly, even if I were single, I would probably decline, because in my opinion, that's a recipe for heartbreak.

    I say this because a life-long friend of mine is going through a horrible divorce, and granted; some of it's his fault. I was married at 25, most of my inner circle was the same way. Not Bill. He waited, until he met Karen in 2006. Well, she told him the same thing you are saying... he didn't want to believe it. Somehow, he convinced her to Marry him 3 years ago... and just this Sping, she split on him with very no warning. She "left for a chance to advance her career", on the other side of the Country.

    Needless to say, my Friend is heartbroken. In fact, I am never seen a grown man so humbled. See, Bill fell in love with Karen, even though she was telling him all along she wanted Independence... I believe she genuinely liked his company, she just didn't love him. The problem is, the poor man is devasted. I can't say it's "her fault", because it really isn't.

    But then again, as I say, Love is a very powerful Force. It can make a man deaf, dumb, blind and stupid. I would be careful with this, unless the man you are after is VERY clear that he wants the same things.

    I guess what I am saying is that man in their 20's are a different breed, than those of us nearer to 40.

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      Thank you for your post. I thought the 20's might be significantly different from the 30's & up.... I do appreciate your opinion in this regard but still wonder if all 40's would consider the same opinion though... if you take aside the reference you mentioned above.