What are the signs that a married women is into you?

What are the signs that a married women is really into you? And do they really get bored with there husbands?


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  • When I was married...long ago,lol. I really liked a friend of ours. I don't know if he ever realized it, if he did here's how he knew:

    I would greet him when he visited our home & make him something to eat (usually his favorite or something I knew he liked from a previous comment). I would purposely do something that required me to be in the same room. I would ask him a lot about his life, relationships & was interested in everything he had to say. I also would make sure to compliment him on his clothes etc so he knew I noticed. Probably not much different than any woman married or single would act. I'd say the only difference was, he would've had to be very upfront about how he felt for me & very into me for it to go any further. As a lot more goes into leaving a husband rather than just a boyfriend. I was already separated by heart from my husband. If the woman has a bad marriage and/or abusive, disrespectful, lazy and/or husband that cheats, she may be interested in you as she already knows internally she's leaving the marriage.


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  • They are the same signs as when non married women are into you. Sadly, I have been with 2 married women. The only real difference I can see is that these women actually pursued me versus many other times I was pursuing the women. So maybe they come on stronger than the typical girl.

  • I know this girl she was like 26 when I meet her I was 19 she was all women and I was all boy, I had a huge crush on her and she new it, I always felt she licked me back but I was to young for her, well I moved out of the area for a number of years and I meet her in the grocery store, I noticed she had a ring on but she was hiding it from me, so I think they do that when they don't want you to know they are married. But now I'm 24 and she's like I don't know 31 so nothing serious is going to happen.

  • Possibly hides her ring in your presence,

    Avoids talking about life at home,

    Looks upset, in despair, imbarressed when the subject of her husband comes up