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Guy says he likes my nail polish?

And he grabs my hand to look at it? Is that flirting?

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  • Yes, that's flirting. If a guy gets a physical with a girl, it means something. Guys are not the touchy type. But if they ever do step outside the norm, then there's something there.

    • technically guys cannot touch girls, the electrons from each human repel each other.

What Guys Said 8

  • very good chance he is

  • Unless he's gay, yes, he was flirting.

  • He wanted an excuse to make contact with you and he was commenting you so yeah he was probably flirting. I like nailpolish sometimes, if its cool.

  • he's just amused

  • id guess so unless he really likes nail polish for some reason lol

  • Yeah, because otherwise I can promise you that most (hetero) guys would not notice or care about nail polish unless it was something really cool.

  • I guess so, cause I do this too when I'm flirting.

What Girls Said 3

  • I'm going to say yes, but then again my friends (and father) think that guy I had been seeing for two months was gay so what the heck do I know :/

  • Yes, he was making an excuse to compliment you and hold your hand.

  • Nice nails (wanna f***)

    • LOL!

    • lol

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