A guy says "hey woman" in the same context someone would say "whats up" or "hey man"

Ladies is this somehow derogatory? Buddy saw a text and said its bad thing to say


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  • It's because I already know I am a woman.

    Why point it out?

    It's like you being Arab and I'm like , "Hey Arab!"

    What is the point of this?

    It makes the person sound ignorant.

    However, if it's a friend texting me I will take no offense to this because I know

    they are just joking or don't mean anything by it.

    A random person will cause me to have a different reaction.

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      Well I'm well aware that I'm a man when people say it.

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      i have no idea. why do people say "hey man" or "what's up" when the answers are obvious

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      Hey man, it's stating the obvious.

      And when someone says, "what's up" well you never know what answer your going to get.its not stating the obvious.