My Take on Gender Equality and a Response To Men Who Think It's Okay To Hit a Woman

My Take on Gender Equality and a Response To Men Who Think It's Okay To Hit a Woman

First of all I'd like to show you the definition of Gender Equality:

Gender equality, also known as sex equality, gender egalitarianism, sexual equality or equality of the genders, is the view that men and women should receive equal treatment, and should not be discriminated against based on gender.

Gender Equality, to anybody who understands it, is the notion that both sexes, both male and female, should be treated with the same respect and courtesy.

For those of you who still don't understand this, this means that despite our sex, we should all get equitable forms of employment, justice, and education.

Now I have always believed that it was common knowledge that a man should never, under any circumstances, hit a female. But recently I have noticed a lot of questions regarding a man hitting a woman on GAG and that almost 80% of men agree that is would be FAIR to hit a woman.

Here are just a few reasons a man should never hit a woman.

"Men are 50 percent stronger than women in brute strength."

But it's fair right?

"Female lung capacity is about 30 percent less than in males."

But we should be able to handle it...right?

The average height of a man is 5'10... The average height of a woman? 5'4

That shouldn't matter. Correct?

The average WEIGHT of a man? 180Lbs. Average weight of a woman? 145Lbs.

But we're physically equal right? By asking for equal pay, we are also asking for equal physical brutality RIGHT?

So now I'm assuming a lot of you pro-woman-abusers are thinking, "well that means she isn't equal!"

Well doesn't that just make you quite the fool?

"Generally, women seem to have higher social and emotional intelligence than men; are less violent and aggressive; are almost never serial killers or sexual sadists; and are far safer drivers (sorry guys, but it's true). In fact, a recent "New York Times" piece noted that men are found to drive faster overall, ignore traffic laws more often, take more (and greater) risks and are involved in the majority of fatal crashes around the globe." - Psychology Today

"Also, having two X chromosomes provides a huge health advantage, which is clearly the case for X-linked diseases, such as color blindness, hemophilia and Duchenne's disease (a severe recessive X-linked form of muscular dystrophy). These diseases, caused by mutations on the X chromosome, nearly always affect only men. Since females have two cell lines (one paternal and the other maternal with different X chromosomes active), if just one of a woman's X chromosomes is "healthy" it can prevent the expression of most X-linked diseases. Males, however, who have a "sick" X chromosome will inevitably be affected, as they have no "back-up" X chromosome from a "healthy"cell line." - Psychology Today

"Women now have higher IQs than men for the first time since records began – and new research has revealed that the two sexes’ brains are wired completely differently.

The blue lines in the brains above show that men have more network connections within hemispheres while the orange inter-hemisphere links are more prevalent in the brains of women.

Some researchers think the demands of juggling family life and building a career may have made women more intelligent.

Others believe that women always had the potential for higher results but are only just realising it now.

James Flynn, a world expert in IQ testing, said: “The complexity of the modern world is making our brains adapt and raising our IQ.

"But women’s have risen faster.”" - Mirror.CO.UK

I love this one ^^. Because it is officially proven that women have always been capable of being the more intelligent sex, but have been restricted due to our physical disadvantages to men.

"A recent article in pointed out that hedge funds run by women make three times as much money as hedge funds run by men, and that companies with female CEOs outperform companies with male CEOs by nearly 50%.

The data is so compelling that, according to The Wall Street Journal, Barclay's Bank has set up a stock fund that invests in companies with a female CEO or a board of directors that is at least 25% female." -

So there you have it. BOTH sexes have their own advantages, whether physical or mental. EVERYBODY deserves to be treated right dispite their advantages or disadvantages.

Men should not be allowed or even comfortable hitting a woman, and according to recent studies, women should not be allowed or comfortable arguing with a man,

It just isn't fair. ;)


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What Guys Said 93

  • No one should hit anyone but if man is attacked by a woman he should use a reasonable amount of force in response.

  • If a woman hits a man, she better expect to be hit in return. You think men are your punching bags?
    No. You're not angry little toddlers to be laughed at and admonished. If you decide to physically attack someone, and you were dumb enough to pick a fight with someone bigger than you, tough luck. You lose.

    • by the way, anyone else think it's funny she didn't actually post any links? I don't exactly take "a Atlantic article said" as gospel. As anyone who's done school projects has found out, it's very easy to find incompetent sources or just lie about things.

      Also, for instance, IQ varies drastically across race.

    • She posted some. For the rest it's pretty easy to look up the articles using the title of the article or journal it was found in. It's not that hard to figure out... oh wait I forgot, you have a lower IQ sorry :-(

    • @Nicole9395

      I actually did look up some of it. A New Zealander named James Flynn is the name of the man behind the "Women have higher IQ" study. He has also not released his study.

      How mighty convenient. He makes a declaration that amounts to click bait, then says he'll release his study... in his new book! I say bogus. Link me to a peer reviewed study showing women have higher IQ's on average, also broken down by race of the men and women involved, and then I'll take it seriously.

  • 1. Most importantly, you never addressed the question of whether it is "fair" or acceptable for a woman to hit a man. Are you interested in having people treat each other with dignity and respect or is this more about demonizing men (which seems to be the favorite pastime of some women.) Why aren't you fussing at women who hit men? If women stop hitting men, it eliminates the "justification" that some of the Neanderthals use when hitting women.

    2. You should never quote Psychology Today or the Mirror as an authoritative source for any statement of fact. They each have their biases and neither has any pretense of representing all of the facts in a comprehensive, fair, and impartial fashion.

    • How are they bias?

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    • My friend that is was not paraphrasing, that was twist of my words for your pathetic argument. Paraphrasing? Ha! It means something completely different when you say most mature men vs most mature women... do not think it's acceptable to hit a woman vs do not think it is acceptable to hit a man. Two different things, two different meanings. Please learn how to read and accept your mistakes rather than trying to cover over them with bogus statements that have no bearing on what the actual conversation is about. Also, that starment in itself addressed your question. And if you knew how to read without thinking of your next reply you would see where I said it is not acceptable for women or men to put their hands on anyone. And that most women do NOT think it is ok. I can't speak for those who do because I'm not one of them. Hopefully you read this and understand it because don't have patience for people who can't keep up. Goodbye.

    • One definition of paraphrasing is "a rewording of something written or spoken by someone else."

      Most women do not think it is okay to hit a man. Okay. Most men don't think it is okay to hit a woman. So what?

      "I can't speak for those who do because I'm not one of them." You're not one of the guys who hit women but you managed to address that topic.

      "Hopefully you read this and understand it because don't have patience for people who can't keep up." If you can't win an argument on the merits, just say ugly things about your opponent. I guess that proves that you're just a sweet, demure woman. How wonderful! Goodbye!

  • All I have to say is... if need be, I will defend myself if a woman attacks me physically, with equal force.

    A woman slapping me, and me giving a full-power right cross to her face... is NOT equal force.


    The only time I will strike a woman is if she is armed with something to use as a weapon.

    Otherwise, the most I'd do is hold and maybe push her. Otherwise the force wouldn't be equal.

  • You start by explaining the definition of gender equality and then say a man should never, hnder any circumstances, hit a woman, which means not even if she hits him first.
    Wow, you're pathetic. Typical 16 year old conceited girl that bitches about how she's treated unfairly by society but then demands certain benefits just because she's a woman.
    Why don't you shut up and educate yourself? If you plan on hitting someone, get ready to get smacked back, it's what's fair. If you don't wanna get smacked, don't hit anyone.
    I'm fucking tired of the amount of women today screaming for gender equality but still wanna be entitled to stuff because of their gender. If you want gender equality, apply it to every situation.

    This Take was pure garbage and nonesense.

  • Lol -shakes head- words could not even describe what I am thinking after reading this.

    And FYI true equality will never exist also women are at the point were you will be as equal as you can be, the feminist movement in the United States is over, anything that remains is about superiority.

    Also if a women just simply tries to hit me she will be retrained ( no punching ) and if I have to defend myself agaisnt a women then there will be no restraint and she will be hit back. Simple as that as soon as the first punch is thrown gender goes out the window.

    It may not be fair it may be wrong but suck it up that's how life works, life isn't fair never has been never will be.

    Also men randomly hitting women is no wear near as common as you might think in fact it rarely ever happens to the point were it is not even worth mentioning.

  • Well, if she hits me, then there is no guarantee that I won't hit back.

    If you think you are so much weaker, then WHY THE HELL DO GIRLS THINK THEY CAN BE HITTING GUYS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    Honestly, I think those who physically harass guys because they think women have "immunity" because they're "weak" deserve the punch in the face that they get once guys have enough of their sexist bullshit agenda.

  • There are lots of women who agree that its okay for a man to hit a woman if its for self defense. Not just men so okay next time a woman tries to kill me I will just let her or if she lays her hand on me I will just let her, but oh wait "just walk away right"? You are not always given the option to walk away cause you are trapped and you can't always restrain a woman cause you have to really be stronger than her to do that.

    • Sir there is quite a large difference between murder and hitting someone, grow up.

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    • Did you watch the video hun? You are pretty much putting your hands over your ears and yelling "NO NO I'M RIGHT YOU'RE WRONG SHUT UP"
      Take a logical stance on this, it is quite clear that Ronda Rousey could not beat a man, especially in a street fight, ever. I want to see Rousey vs McGregor, but McGregor is an actual man who would never hit a woman, so I doubt that'll happen.

    • Yes she could you need to learn how powerful the ground game is no your the one putting your hands over your ears and saying no no I am right. Rousey could beat a man up easily she already has done it before yes every fight starts standing up that is true but if you get put on the ground especially that boxer he would be like a fish out of water. Your the same person who thinks a man should never hit a woman and that she could hit a man whever she feels like it, do you know how bad of a rule that is? And how many women would abuse it? Some women already think they can hit a man and just get away with it and sadly you are one of them. Thankfully your not the president and its perfectly legal to hit a woman back if she hits you. And guess what if you ever hit me I will lay you out cold I will never let a woman think she can hit me and get away with it. And Connor is stupid ginger 1 dimensional fighter

  • This is so laughable. I'm glad a lot of men and women disagree

  • What about women hitting men? Is that permissible? And there is a lot of research refuting the fact that women are less aggressive than men. I'd be happy to share some of those studies.

  • Under that logic, if men are "never" allowed to hit a woman (like, EVER, like, it's NEVER okay, EVER) ... because men are physically stronger than women...

    Then, since "women are more emotionally and socially intelligent" than men... is it EVER okay for a woman to express her opinion or argue with a man? After all, it's it inherently unfair? Won't she just easily emotionally and socially overpower him and manipulate him?

    Unless, of course, you're saying that it's "okay" for one boxer to fight with both hands free, for as long as the physically stronger boxer has both hands tied behind his back.

    Can we please amend or supplement our criminal and penal laws to include "emotional abuse" as a crime... like, "real" emotional abuse, not just "He cheated on me" or "He didn't listen to me and it hurt my feelings." Can there be like an "Attempted Emotional Manipulation in the Second Degree" or "Aggravated Malicious Infliction of Emotional Distress"?

    I wonder if "emotional" harm was as "criminal" as physical harm, how many women we would end up seeing in prisons.

    Just some food for thought.

  • From my grandmother, may she rest in peace: "If you raise your hand in violence to anyone, be you woman, man, elderly, or child, expect to get hit back."

    By your points, if a smaller man hits me, that means I can't hit him back either?

    • Simple and sweet. Just the way it should be. I couldn't even finish the Take. It was so painful...

  • based on the equality that you speak of , If a woman hits a man then in all rights he should respond in kind... if this were with in the laws of the land 99% of men being abused? hit by women would never happen. I am fully aware that the majority of abuse comes from the men , but not all of it

  • Wow. I wasn't sure I'd ever see a full blown stereotypical feminist on here but there you are. You made no claims to being a feminist but I'm going to bet that you consider yourself one.

    1. Nobody here thinks it's ok to just hit a woman (or anyone for that matter), you're the only one saying people think it's ok by not mentioning that the GaG questions include "in self-defense," and your comment about "equal physical brutality" implies that it's ok for men to hit men... No, just no. You're the sexist here.

    2. There's more than one kind of 'equality.' To put it bluntly, I think yours is the shit kind.

    3. You've already implied that it's ok for a man to be hit by anyone, not cool. But you think that +50% strength is significant to your argument? If a woman is allowed to hit me at say half strength, then an equal amount of force from me is one third strength. If you're going to use strength as a reason then you're permitting men to use a proportional amount of strength, not stopping the hitting of anyone.

    4. Most of this is essentially amounts to female supremacist propaganda. What do the points in the second half of the Take share and how do they all relate back to why it's not ok to hit - as opposed to anyone - a woman? "Woman greater than man," which is not acceptable.

    Just look at the James Flynn thing. The reason he offers for why humans in general tend to be doing better on IQ tests is that we're now exposed to more hypothetical thinking, we're taught differently in schools so we approach the world differently and can solve more abstract problems. Flynn himself reigned in the media's interpretation of what he said. Women were doing much worse until now and they are only slightly ahead in one test (Raven's Progressive Matrices) and he attributed this to women being more included in society and being modernized, trying to diminish the small distinctions found between men and women that the media ran away with. I can just as easily look at this and claim that men are naturally smarter without education but men and women are brought up to the same level in modern society. You just picked from anything that sounded favorable to women - and you claim to speak for gender equality? I think I speak for most people when I say pfft.

  • This feminist shit is getting annoying yea equal right woohoo what the fuck is up with you stuck up uppity bitches thinking that you are better that is tho huh? I personally would never hit a woman but that's me, some people are like that some people aren't. But that's beside the matter, this feminist shit about how you are better than us, smarter and all this shit fuck that it's bullshit, you are not better than us in any way, humans are humans and it is down to the person what they achieve, you want something go and get it don't pussy foot around and claim u haven't reached where you want to reach because men are stopping you what a poor as fuck excuse

  • Oh look... another article by a female who thinks women are above men. Yawn. by the way, I don't care if YOU think it's okay for men to hit women. Hit me first, get hit yourself. Simple.

  • this whole take was pretty much blah, blah, blah women are better than men and can do whatever they want. men should respect us.

    bullshit, if a woman attacks a man, she deserves whats coming to her. Im sorry, if you attack someone who is bigger and stronger than you are, you need to be prepared to face the consequences.

  • So if a women hits a man and keeps coming out her it's immoral for him to defend himself and knock the bitch out?

    I can't take people like you seriously.

  • I've only ever slapped a woman once after she took a way below the belt stab at my family and I and then attacked me with a huge kitchen knife. I don't condone hitting women. There are some women that think they can say or do whatever they want because a man is not supposed to react, so they think it won't happen. Then there are women who secretly want the abuse because of some kind of psychological damage. I would say it is wrong to hit anyone depending on the reason. Self defense is a viable reason. I don't know if I was right in slapping the one woman I ever have. The fight got worse after that. I get to a point when I am about to physically fight someone where I start shaking because I am about to lose. When that happened I told her she had better get in her car and go, because I was about to snap. At one point she saw the look on my face and her provocative sneer turned to a scared look and she did in fact leave. We made up later on and there are no hard feelings. Is that domestic abuse or just a fight between 2 crazy mothafuckas?

  • When it comes to one person hitting another, neither the gender nor sex of either person is relevant to whether it's wrong or not. (Though hitting a pregnant woman is arguably worse than hitting a healthy man or healthy woman who isn't pregnant - but it's just as wrong for a woman to do that.)

    • If a guy has poor muscle tone (is weak), has asthma (reduced lung capacity), is a shorty (say 5'3) and is underweight (perhaps 100 pounds) is it alright for him to hit a typical woman?

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What Girls Said 31

  • I would never be with a man who thinks it's okay to hit a woman.

  • You know, my ex hit me once. I kicked him in the crotch, pinned him down, took my stiletto off and hit him repeatedly with it. Im 5 foot 1, weigh 63 kilos. He was 5 foot 11, 72 kilos. It can be done.

  • I agree with the idea, but also, you've got to remember 40% of domestic abuse is suffered by men (and that's just when it's reported). So whilst I agree totally with what you're saying surely the right thing to say is that nobody is right to hit anybody? Gender is kind of regardless. But good myTake anyway!

    • It is actually worse than that. It found that 40% of the victims of severe, physical domestic violence are men. Meaning that number is just when things got serious. The number of men being the victims of domestic violence where it doesn't get that severe are much much higher.

    • If that's only the reported amount imagine the unreported amount. ..
      Now that's depressing. ...

  • It might not be fair for a man to beat a woman, however, I do believe in the right to self defense. If a woman is hitting or beating a man, by law, he has a right to do what he has to defend himself, which is a moment where I feel it is alright assuming he doesn't use excessive force. The amount of force applied should match the amount of force given and the goal should be to escape the situation. If a woman is hitting you, you have the right to push her away and flee. If she is literally beating you, you have a right to hit her back. That's just me, I don't think men should hit women unnecessarily due to the physical difference, but I don't think we should remove their right to defend themselves: women have to be held responsible for choosing to assault a man who has the ability to hurt her in return in self defense.

    • Also, I should say that this seems more like a man-bashing take and like you're trying to put them down. I wouldn't consider you gender equal at all.

  • Out of the mouths of babes. Even most women don't agree with you.

  • Wow heavensgift2girls!!! You blocked me so I couldn't respond to you're illogical and incorrect statement? How pathetic!

    • @BroBroncoski

      You too blocked me from posting. What a coward!! Here was my reply to you hun...

      And you just proved my point... go back to momma's basement where you belong... :-)
      By the way, my mind blowing orgasm I had this morning (or was it last night?) begs to differ... not that you would understand how to give a woman that kind of pleasure...

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    • Don't worry about it :-) Some things just aren't even worth it and he is one of them. But I do hope he finds himself some help. Makes me want to switch my major to psychology though :-/

    • @BroBroncoski
      You coward you blocked me... Probably you didn't even have a strong argument. ..

  • if women can't handle it then they shouldn't hit me. like you said "equality". what gives a woman the right to hit a man? yes she weaker than a man but so what? house pets are weaker than me but that gives me no right to hit them. people should just keep their hands to themselves. if a woman hits a man then he has every right to hit her back.

    • I disagree. If someone attacks you then it's perfectly reasonable to use force in self defence, but not just in retribution. If a woman just hits a man once and she poses no further danger he should just report the assault to the police, rather than hitting back.

    • @bysshe to me its not about gender at all. if someone hits you then smack em right back.

    • I don't think gender's relevant to this either, I guess we just disagree on hitting back.

  • See this is why I have a problem with feminism. They want all the advantages but never the disadvantages. Aren't feminists the ones who keep insisting that women can do anything men can because they are just as strong bla bla bla. And now you're saying that they're not as strong so you shouldn't hit them even if they hit you. You're not the brightest tool in the shed are you

    • Not even true. A real feminist takes the bad with the good. If a girl hits a guy then he should have the right to smack that bitch.

    • @WhaChaChaKing And yet this post (and many I have seen similar to this) contradict that statement. Unfortunately, saying is different than doing. It's easy to say stuff like that, but feminists' actions show the exact opposite. I don't buy it.

    • BAHAHAHAHA this anon cutie 😘
      Will u marry meh 👄

  • I agree with most but definitely not all. I hate defending guys, but, you seem like an extemist. Weak. I am smaller than males but I am strong. I will not sit here being a bitch about it. I prove myself. In this world you have to earn respect. You don't really want it. Our IQ's are higher than men's , yes, but is your's? If, so, you should be able to like so many of your sister's be able to navigate this detestable male-dominated world and make yourself something great. This went off the rails, just like the post.

    • Actually men do have on average 4-6 IQ point greater intelligence than women, so it's piratically equal however, men do lead in IQ on average on not the other way around.
      80% of all high IQ people are men, just like 80% of all dummy's are men, men have far less average IQ but have more in the extremities of the IQ scale, unlike women that almost entirely is in the average part of the scale with few in the extreme high and low.

      Please do fact checking before stating "Our IQ's are higher than men's , yes"...

    • I apologise.

  • My feeling on this is that hitting women falls under the same regulations as hitting another man. It's only okay to hit a woman (or another man) if that person hit him first. If a woman decides to attack a man then there is nothing at all wrong with his defending himself. If she's concerned about her lesser strength or lung capacity then she shouldn't go around hitting men.

  • It's not right to hit a man or woman but if either sex hits the other go for it. That's my opinion.

    So is it not okay for a guy to defend himself if a short much weaker man attacks him? He should just try to hold him back? Based on what you've said you'd have to think so or are you really just sexist and trying to justify it?

    Really that's just the average, some women are stronger and taller so is it not okay for that girl to defend herself? And just because a woman is weaker does NOT mean she's easy to control or that she can't hurt you.

    You haven't changed my mind at all, couldn't disagree more.

  • If she hits him she better be ready for the beat down if he snaps. Every one keep your dang hands to your self

  • If it's in self defence, then a guy can reasonably smack a bitch in my opinion.

    But in all other scenarios, hitting a woman (or anyone for that matter) is unnecessary.

  • This is absolute crass. If women are so "intelligent" why would they start afight with someone so much stronger than them?

    You can't have all the pros of being equal without the cons.

    • Yeeeeeeeeeees! Thank you so fucking much! There is such illogical bs spewing from this woman, even most of the females here don't agree with her. Pathetic.

  • I agree both sexes differ and what one lacks the other complements after all we where made for eachother, at least the heterosexual ones. Men shouldn't hit women but women shouldn't hit men and expect to not get hit back. Its basic human reaction to protect yourself. Plus, i know no women who will hit a man and think he won't hit her back only a dumb chick would think that. And women shouldn't argue with men non stop, but men should also realize when they want us to express ourselves and we are and your not listening it frustrates us, try not playing video games be and adult and pay attention.

  • I kinda agree since I dont like violence in general. That's why I try to avoid conflict in general but especially guys, I'm 5'2, skinny and small framed, most guys a my school are either tall or huge and a lot of them do weights, there are females who are taller than me but I rarely see any as buff. People shouldn't hit each other regardless of geneder its immature

  • But it's okay for women to slap/punch the shit out of a guy? Even for no reason? No.
    When people see a man slap a woman, he'd get years in jail.
    When a woman does it twice as hard, she gets support. Like people think he deserves it.. Honestly it's horrible EITHER WAY.
    Women shouldn't assault men. Men shouldn't assault women.
    Easy as that.
    If I seen a woman punching/slapping/kicking a guy and he slapped her in the face, I wouldn't do anything, cause she deserved it.

  • Why are we worried about physically differences? I'm like are you serious why can't we just judge each other by our characters and stop using these pathetic studies to prove a point...
    Just because we are physically different doesn't make ANY OF US LESSER THAN EACH OTHER.. We are human, we make mistakes , we argue, we fight, we sometimes give up on ourselves , and we sometimes don't know what to do... but it doesn't mean we should all result to violence... hatred, we should love each other no matter what race we are, what we have between our legs, what beliefs we have, and what sexuality we have...
    We should be judged by our character not our actions..
    We are not lad rats waiting to be tested on..

  • I think both men and women should have equal rights to whatever thery want. Men and Women both are humans and both should be treated equally. Nobody is more or less than the other gender!

  • If i'm to hit a guy i damn well expect him to try to hit me back. We don't live in a fantasy land where us girls are magical creatures who need protecting, if i act like a bitch i expect to be treated like one tbh.

    • Women do need protection sorry

    • Trust me when i say i dont need a man to protect me.

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