Do girls like military guys?

Do you girls like military guys?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I LOVE military guys. Some girls are into policemen and others into firemen, and I'm into military guys. I've never dated a military guy so I don't know how they are in dating or anything but I've had crushes on an army guy, a marine, and an air force guy. And the thing is I start liking them before I know they're in the military or want to be in it, so I guess it's something about their personality. What are some qualities that you've noticed all you military guys have?

    Also I really like the idea of a military man because of the uniforms, their courage, and you guys are really tested at the military (to become men), they make you work very hard, and you guys just act like guys but at the same time honorable men. (that can be sexy) you guys are great :]