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Do girls like military guys?

Do you girls like military guys?

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  • I LOVE military guys. Some girls are into policemen and others into firemen, and I'm into military guys. I've never dated a military guy so I don't know how they are in dating or anything but I've had crushes on an army guy, a marine, and an air force guy. And the thing is I start liking them before I know they're in the military or want to be in it, so I guess it's something about their personality. What are some qualities that you've noticed all you military guys have?

    Also I really like the idea of a military man because of the uniforms, their courage, and you guys are really tested at the military (to become men), they make you work very hard, and you guys just act like guys but at the same time honorable men. (that can be sexy) you guys are great :]

What Girls Said 25

  • Hell yes! Are you kidding me? Who doesn't love a guy in his sexy military outfit. "women love a man in a suit" lol

  • Mmm, yes, so strong and usually caring and protective... yes yes yes! :)

  • Being in the military and dating someone in the military, I'd have to say yes to an extent. A lot of girls love military men because of the benefits and to get their citizenship so watch out for that lol. I used to go gaga over sailors before I joined but now I'm surrounded by them and most of them are like brothers to me so I don't look at them that way.

  • Yes! They're so hot/strong.

  • i never thought I would be with a guy in the military, thought it would be to hard but it looks like my boyfriend now is joining the navy he hasn't left yet but I'm not giving up on him. I have heard some military guy cheat and all that stuff but I'm willing to give it a try. even if it went bad I can't base that on every guy in the military because not all guys are a like. I hope things go good with him leaving! but when you like someone and like you just as much why not?

  • I personally love a man in a sexy uniform (ie: Police, Fire, army. Not Navy)

    But out of them all a man in a military uniform wins hands down.

  • Yes, I do of course. there freaken hot. I swear I love looking at man in a uniform. Its like a big turn on for me.

  • It's hard, because when the guy is sent away, we never know when they're going to be back. but if a girl can manage to live with that, then yes (:

  • Even though I have a boyfriend I love military guys there really hott!

  • I actually think military guys are more attractive because of what y'all are doing with your lives. It sucks that military guys are away for x amount of days and we couldn't during that time but it's all part of the job. Military guys are really cool though and the big muscles, courage, and responsibility you learn from the military is a big plus :)

    • Well is it a plus being in special ops?

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    • Yes

    • I guess it's a plus. My sister is dating someone in special forces and she said that it really sucks not talking to him as much as she'd like to.

  • I think some do some don't. But I do because my boyfriend wants to be in the military. So I'm fine but it. But I think military guys are sexy! :D good luck you will find a girl I promise.

    • What branch is your boyfriend thinking of joining?

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    • I'm in the air force I have some family in the marines they don't like it. Tell him to look at all branches really look into it.

    • Yeahh all tell him thanks. :D

  • I do find them attractive but I have a lot of family in the military and I have always told myself I would never date anyone in the military. Family members have past away and I wasn't super close with them and it hurt me. Having to worry about all of that... I don't think I would have the strength.

  • The ones that don't cheat and stay faithful to their girlfriends. Also spending as much time with them as they can is a big plus.

  • I have to admit (even though I do have a boyfriend who isn't in the military! ) I love military guys and policemen! It's the uniform! ;)

    But on a serious note it is the bravery thing, I mean it's really admirable for a man to fight for his country! It shows such courage!

    & yeah the uniform is cute too! ;)

  • yes

  • Absolutely not! I married a captain in the Air Force and he treated me like I was a second class citizen. And the crazy thing is, I was in the AF also when we met. I will never again date another military man. I don't like the way they carry themselves (I have friends in the Air Force still, and they act similar to my ex).

    • Maybe those are just how most Air Force men are. I'm in the Navy and so is my boyfriend and he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm sure good military men wouldn't appreciate being judged based off of a few bad apples just as I wouldn't appreciate being judged based off of how most Navy girls act. An open mind is a great quality to have because ignorance and generalizations make us miss out on great things in life.

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    • im in the British Army and to be honest one Squaddy does something wrong we all get a bad name you can't judge every military man because your ex treated you like crap at the end of day we are people and we do have feelings were all different.

    • Were you enlisted or did you have your commission? He's an officer many of them act better than others.

  • Yes we do. {: My boyfriend is in Basic right now. Two more weeks until he graduates. I'm so excited to see him. <3 He's in the Air Force. ~ (-: ~

  • I personally do. I was engaged to someone in the military but we broke up. It was going good until he lost trust in me. Recently I have been trying to move on and stay away from military guys because it was really stressful, but I started falling for another guy who is in the military. I talk to him every night and I just found out he feels the same about me. Most military guys are protective, but not over protective, which is a good thing. They end up caring more for someone when they are away and it makes me feel good. Knowing I could make someone happy who could possibly go half way around the world makes me feel good about my self. Personally I would rather date someone in the military because I know that when I'm with them, they know how to make me feel safe. It is hard, yes. but it will be worth it if its the right guy. Plus they are strong. So that's a plus. But that doesn't matter lol. =]

  • i did. bu to tell you the truth they aren't that great. I dated one for 6mths and he was just like any other guy. if anything he got on my nerves more because of all that military macho chauvinistic crap.

  • Are you kidding? Of course...Hot, hot, hot

  • I've had bad experiences in the past with two military guys that has kind of turned me off - in fact, I'm a bit frightened of them, you could say. My first thought is always to avoid them. But, I know a lot of girls that just LOVE military guys. If it weren't for past experience I'd probably be a bit attracted to them but the truth is, my personality and that of the typical military fella, we'd just clash terribly.

  • Um well I'd have to admit that I find them pretty attractive. I went to the base with my grandpa a few weeks ago and I was suddenly wishing I didn't have a boyfriend so I could do some guilt free flirting! Lol. So yes I do anyway, however I have never dated a guy in the military. I think it's the idea of a military guy and the men in uniform thing. Oh and also military guys are usually in really great shape!

  • Well of course some girls do.

    depends what kind of girl you are going for.

    some girls will be even more attracted to you

    because you save lives! Your a great person.

    • I try thanks for the support :-)

  • Something about the noble cause gets me. They are so cute hahaha and the rippling muscles are always a plus.

What Guys Said 5

  • Didn't you ask this question before? I'm waiting for the answer to this one, myself!

    • Yea but no one answered it

    • I was wondering, because I'm a chemical SGM myself! I'm glad you got a good response this time! GodSpeed wherever you are!

  • I'll be very interested in the answers to this one!

  • Girls like attractive guys. Being in the military has little to do with it.

    If your thinking "Oh I can't get a date so I'll join the military and they will make me a man then I'll get a date," you would be DEAD WRONG.

    If your an unattractive guy that cannot get a date before the military you'll be a guy that can't get a date in the military and after the military.

    If your an attractive guy that can get dates before the military you will continue to get dates in the military and after the military.

    Putting on the uniform doesn't make you attractive to women.

    10 total years in the military. Airborne, Infantry, Ranger Tab, deployments to Afghanistan now I'm in Special Operations and can speak Thai. Enlisted and Officer and I've had one date that whole time.

    I'm short and not that attractive so of course I can't get dates, the uniform and experience didn't change the fact that I'm short and unattractive.

  • alright so ill be honest and ladies I need an opinion. I lost everything due to a girl who I loved more than anything. I didn't finish high school cause I was always putting her first. I wanted to join the military after high school but didn't get my diploma.but national guard offers GED program before basic training and I am doing that. now I joined the national guard and am enlisted as military police and plan on going to school when I'm home in the U.S for becoming a police officer since ill have it under my belt in the national guard. but at the same time would a girl be willing to be with me and deal with all this going on in my life and also do girls think its kinda hott?

    • Welp justin47, you seem like a sincere guy, your situation is similar to my boy freinds. I love him so much I would take him with whatever he chooses to do and with whatever complications, you will find a women that will love you with everything that you need to do. I love my army man, everything about him. its worth all the struggles. And yes, I find it very, very, very sexy. Macho men in uniforms... mmm... such a turn on. ;)

  • I'm sure they do if they didn't this wouldn't exist. link

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